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I love my Kindle Reader but while size in Kilobytes is a rough estimate of book length, after 49 plus years I am always going to think in pages.  I have paid for many ebooks only to find the story ending at 75% with a coming attractions section taking up the remaining reported KB.  And, many books are going to Kindle only and don’t even have a page number for us to reckon by.  Hence, paying for Kate Douglas’ Demonfire, ( where I could see how many pages there were, I figured it would take me more than five minutes to read it. 

Kate Douglas lists on her own web page (link above) as “Erotica superstar.”  So, sex from page one to the end.  Not so much.  But when the sparks fly they are tastefully written.  The story is about a demon who has been kicked out of demon-ville and sent to the void where paradisaical beings pull him out and give him a human body to go fight the demons attacking a small town in California.  With only 7 days to live and defeat the demons, the heroine and he fall madly in “true love.”

Long review short:  This is more a sexy romance book in the guise of fantasy.  It is not unpleasant, but I feel it is a bit slow.  I will probably read more of her books,  It is enjoyable and was actually published in paper prior to being an e-book. A good beach or “holiday” read.  And, I have been tearing up a bit – you know getting verklempt in the recent chapters. Read, enjoy, have a loved one nearby — not a blood relative.