Faerie land

Okay,  I admit that I haven’t thought much about fairies for a long time.  I was appalled by the sexualization of Tinkerbell, but never really looked to fairies for reading.  Speaking of Tink:  When I was growing up, her skirt was short not Micro-mini; she was flat chested – like a little girl, not a stripper. Now she looks like a cross between a stripper and a Barbie Doll.

  ‘Cause you know, little girls don’t have enough body issues thrown at them. Let’s add Tink to the list.

Now, on the other hand, fairies for adults:  they can be very hot.

One of my favorite series of late has been the Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Currently in its eighth volume, this story revolves around a mostly mortal half fairy princess, Meredith Gentry.  “Gentry” is what fairies call themselves. With some fairly passionate fairy hotness happening and the sheer number of books Ms. Hamilton produces I never expected the quality of writing  and the descriptive nature of the book.  This is fantasy literature with an unashamed eroticism rather than fairy porn.  Ms. Hamilton also writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series which has at least 15 books. I have yet to start that series.

Meredith is a very engaging person/fairy.  Her many lovers include the cream of the Dark Court. My favorite is Frost, whose hair is silver.  Then there is Doyle, the Queen’s darkness, her assassin.  He is not a dark brown but black and is apparently a cross between a dog type creature and a fairy or demi-fey.  Merry has many lovers and is, well read the books and you will see.  

Some good links:

Gentry Investigations This will help to keep the cast of characters straight. Not associated with the author.
Ms. Hamilton’s official page with blog.  This site is a bit difficult to navigate with some auto scrolling type that you have to catch to click on.