Origins of The Species A la True Blood

How do humans become Vampires? I can’t believe I forgot the mysterious virus which is what the Vampire World in Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series claims to be the source of their Vampirism. It is not believed by too many people according to Sookie in the first novel.  And, this is only in the books; I haven’t heard it mentioned in the HBO Series True Blood.  Apparently this virus is contagious since one Vampire can create another.  It is done the good, old, traditional way where the victim is drained to the point of death and then their blood supply is replenished by consuming the blood of their sire. But, how can drinking blood prior to the physical changes that make you a vamp replenish your blood supply.  Anything you drink is digested, so unless something is already happening to a person the blood wouldn’t stay blood, it would be broken down into its components. I prefer the Nanos, myself (see Origins below).

What a fun series!  Both my husband and I enjoy it. Ms. Harris certainly hit on a gang buster of an idea here.  Her concept is entering its third season on June 13 on HBO.  What happened to Bill immediately after his proposal to Sookie?   Can these two ever catch a break.  What is the buzz in the online community?  Find out and see production snippets at HBO’s True Blood Home Page. Ms. Harris’s next novel in the series Dead in the Family will be out this May.

On and on, there are many ways to become a vamp – here are two more:

Cursing – Kathryn Smith’s The Brotherhood of Blood Series, commencing with Be Mine Tonight starts of with the cursed False Grail carrying the curse of Lilith. Don’t confuse this series with Bianca D’Arc’s Brother hood of Blood series.  I have not read this but if you could tell a book by it’s cover these would be hot hot hot!

Three Bites – Hopefully there is no baseball reference behind this although there is that Vampire baseball game in Twilight….. This is one one of the more traditional methods of creating a vampire and it occurs through some mysterious biological alchemy.  It is as old as Count Dracula and as new as

The Third Kiss: Dorian’s Dream by Heather Killough-Walden and is currently just $1.  This seems to have been produced only in e-form but you don’t necessarily need a Kindle to read a Kindle book — you can download the software free from Amazon to PC, Mac, iPhone or Blackberry. Lots of New Orleans in this one. There are different back stories on the three bites and how they work.

Have you read any other ways of creating our immortal pals?  Let me know.