Origins of The Species

One thing I first noticed when I started paying attention to comments about the Twilight series was that a set of theories relative to the root of alternative species, and Vampires in particular.
I started to take note of the origin of “the Vampire.”  I continue amending the list (only exists in my mind at this time), and want to look more closely at two of these.

Lara Adrien’s Midnight Breed series, classified under erotica, feature a species which consumes blood which is descended from a single ship of alien creatures, all male, which crashed on earth millennia ago.  After apparently savaging the natives  they found women with an anomaly that them to breed with the aliens and carry a child to birth.  The vampires are always gorgeous, tall, muscular and well-endowed. Always gorgeous, usually having long flowing hair, Breed mates carry a crescent shaped mark somewhere on their bodies.  A type of physio-emotional bonding occurs between the vampire and the breed mate when they consume each others’ blood. By feeding on him the breed mate also gains near immortality and perfect health.  I am always struck by the similarity of “breed mate” and “brood mare.”  
The vampires are basically immortal unless their bodies sustain too much damage. The first generation of vampire to breed with the aliens are called Gen 1.  Generations can be identified by the tattoo-like glyphs on their bodies. The closer one is to Gen 1 the more likely it is you will suffer from “Blood-lust” where one overfeeds and “turns rogue” which the breed warriors, sworn to protect humanity have to “remove.” They only seem to be able to create a type of altered being called a minion who, when drained of most of their blood falls into the thrall of their master.

One of my favorite story lines is the Argeneau series by Lyndsay Sands.  They are lighter than the average Vamp romance although people are still be killed and they are still quite erotic.  Sex and eroticism are very big in fantasy lit. in general unless it is intended for children. Even fairy tales carry lots off sexual innuendos.  I will talk more about Vampire eroticism and sexuality another day. The series has gone in a new direction: the Rogue Hunter. I think the original model was becoming stale (rich vamp meets mate has great sex, turns them, has more sex while solving some big problem and lives happily ever after) and they needed a change.

Back to Nanites:  Frighteningly, and perhaps due to my marriage to someone in the electronics industry, I consider this the most plausible explanation for vampire existence and longevity.  Millennia ago, there was a culture isolated by various geographical features.  This culture was technologically advanced and worked on eliminating disease through the development of small recreating AI devices called Nanos.  The Nanos were supposed to go away once they cured your disease, but, since human bodies are always in a process of cellular renewal, the Nanos never saw the body they inhabited as “well.”  These “immortals” as they prefer, were tossed from their home due to a series of earthquakes and fires.  Guess what their original home was called  — let’s see it was an island that disappeared beneath the sea…….?

So, the nanos (not the first generation but the second), give the Immortals the skills and physical attriburtes needed to survive( fangs, speed, strength, ability to read minds.  They need blood because the cellular repair uses up a lot of blood as that is what fuels the Nanos. As in many vampire tales the immortals have at least one life mate identified b/c they cannot read the mind of that person as well as a renewed interest in food ( these vamps can still eat – they are just bored with it after so many years).  Regular humans can be made immortal by receiving blood from an Immortal and thus having the Nanos injected into their systems. So these immortals are not the “undead”  at all, they are not threatened by religious symbols or holy water. They are killed only by beheading or burning or getting enough blood to repair damage. Sun causes damage so exposure to it causes an increased need for blood and terrible “hunger pains.” Staking only causes death because the stake stops the heart from distributing nanos through the blood.

There are several other theories, such as concurrent species, genetic anomaly, Lillith (Adam’s first wife (?!!?) probably the whole “damned and soulless issue”).  We can look at those another day.