Sex and the Paranormal

The female sleeps restlessly a white peignoir gracing her beautiful maidenly body. Having previously achieved invitation to the home the count flies to the girls window, it opens mysteriously.  A bat flies up but something that looks like a man enters. Is this the first night the ancient has visited the girl, bestowing his first kiss upon her?  Or, is it the third?  The night he will become her sire?  The night he will make her his as she feels his rapturous kiss right down to her womb.

Blah, blah blah.  The paranormal-genre is chock full of sex (except for the Twilight-series); and not just the romances. And, sex in the world of the paranormal is not just “sex” it’s S.E.X filled with magic, and positively huge organs and orgasms.  No wonder the girls always stay with the vampires the male is always a super endowed, amazing lover. Orgasm is achieved effortlessly, over and over, and without any difficulty.  The body is just one big gspot. How could love with a mere human ever come close?

Then you have the reciprocating bond through which you have your partner’s orgasm as well as your own and because of the reciprocation the intensity increases exponentially. Glory Be!

With vampires, the act of biting is associated with orgasm or at least very close to orgasm. In some instances the sharing of blood is required and causes a psycho-bio-sensual bond between partners – for life. I suppose it is a good way to get people to allow you to bite and, in many plots masks the pain of having very sharp teeth pierce your flesh. 

With witches, much of the “romance” depends on who is the witch.  Harry Potter, no sex. Other series, like the “____________ Magic” Series by Cheyenne McCray including Seduced by Magic and Wicked Magic.  This series combines several species, including witches and the fey including the D’Anu Warriors comprised of, you got it, tall, buff, hot and well endowed gentlemen with wings. In lovemaking they can create the very powerful “sex” magic as the fight demon hordes the queen, Lilith has raised from below the sea.

 Fairies, traditionally cannot lie, or just don’t.  They aren’t sweet little Tinkerbells either.  Faerie, the culture of the fairies or gentry have very different morals about sex. It is perhaps part of their inability to lie.  In the Laurell Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry books, Meredith has at least 7 live-in lovers in the interest of getting pregnant which is apparently difficult in the fairy race.  They sleep together with Merry in twos or threes. And have sex two tor three times a day.  When do they find time to eat or sleep?  Merry’s lovers are all bestowed upon her by the queen of the unseelie, or dark court, her homicidal, dominatrix, Aunt Andais. Her Aunt likes to do these sort of  inter-dimensional video conferences while she tortures a lover nearly to death.   Infidelity is not common once one is married but that almost always occurs only after conception.  Fertility is too rare to waste it on love for nearly immortal beings (Meredith is mortal being only part fairy).  In this series a sort of sex magic also occurs enhancing the sensations and altering parts of the world or their beings.  As the magic has been leaving fairy, Meredith and her lovers have been bringing it back through their efforts. Flowers grow, apple blossoms fall unbidden, etc.

In another series by Karen Moning, the Seelie or Light court members use “glamour” to make themselves less hot to humans.  Apparently sex with a fairy will drive you mad because it is so good.  There are even a type of fairy called “Death-By_Sex” fairies.  It is a good thing that the Seelie court is fine because members of the Unseelie court in this case are all, and quite entirely unsightly at best. They use glamour to trick humans into mixing with them.  During conversation or sex they can literally suck the life right out of you. These series is not so much concerned about the morality of sex.  There is some rape which as we are looking through the young human heroines eyes is awful, but we don;t get the feeling the fairies really care that much about with whom, how, or where they do it.  It is more about sensation.  For Merry, in the former series, sex is about sensation  and exploration, taste, touch, smell. She enjoys performing fellatio because it gives her so many things to taste, touch and smell.  And, these efforts bring forth the aforementioned magic, and are approved by the Goddess and her consort.

Alls well when your in the Fairy mound, just not necessarily.

Which series have you read that provide d an interesting way of looking at sex because the characters were not all human?