Twilight Time in Suburban Housewife-land

Got the New Moon Blu Ray today.  My disatisfaction with Walmart and FedEx over a ridiculous delivery snafu aside, I was eager to get home with it.  My friend Linda came over and we watched parts of the Special Features of the Exclusive Walmart Edition before over wine before making dinner which simmered during the film.  Linda and I saw the movie at the Cinemagic in November and then I saw it again in December.  So we had a lot of comments and noted bits we had not.

Despite a few points where we were unwilling to suspend our disbelief (sadly – I cannot remember them now) I think we enjoyed the movie.  One big question, why (other than product placement) do Alice and Bella fly Virgin Atlantic to Italy from Seattle?  Being wicked rich why don’t they rent a faster jet? In fantasy, one is already suspending their normal world structure so the rest of the movie needs to back off and be believable.

In Blu Ray the wolf effects were sometimes a bit hokey, particularly the first time one of the young men transforms, I believe it is Paul.

All in all I felt that Catherine Hardwicke’s interpretation had more passion for the storyline although technically it was not as well made.  Chris Weitz’s version was more technical correct and followed the story more closely — perhaps too closely.

I am sure I will be seeing it again soon as well as exploring the special features more closely. And, I am sure you will be hearing about it again as well.