Gnome Body Gnows the Trouble I’ve Seen

Lovely friends,  it is a fine day here in New England so here I am sitting at my computer thinking about paranormal romance and such.  It is a bit less than ideal!
I suspect, and hope you are outside, wearing sunblock of course, and are reading this in the evening.

Look for me several days a week right here; even as the weather warms.  Today, though, the garden calls.  I have an antique garden gnome, so ugly it is guaranteed to scare away bad juju. 

He is made out of cast iron; I think gnomes work with metals so that may be okay.  But, I know any faeries living nearby won’t be too happy with me. His metallic nature also makes him weigh a ton.  That’s a good thing as we experience very high winds.

Interesting how there are similar creatures in most cultures, and including most of the paranormal’s demography (or would it be demonography)?

In the film Twilight, Bella looks through web sites from several cultures and finds evidence of vampires in each.  In Brown’s Lost Symbol ancient demonic symbols from around the world retain their meaning to some even today. And, fairy tales from around the world share demons, dragons, witches and characters to numerous to categorize. Shape shifters, faeries, gnomes, dwarfs, witches, and more abound. Even isolated cultures have similar paranormal creatures in their mythology.  Is it evidence of existence,  the human brain’s similar explanation for similar stimuli, or something else?

To paraphrase the bard, there are more things in heaven and earth  than are dreamt of in my cosmology. I better go put him outside to scare some away!