Reopening the Vein of DIscussion

So,  yes.  what do they eat.  Obviously Vampires are a different species altogether or they have had some amazing transformation that causes a need for the consumption of blood.  In my previous post (4-5-2010) I went over Twilight and the Argeneaus as well as a few other series.

I certainly do not profess to have read all the series or novels or to even remember each nuance of what I have read.  Partly what Vampires consume and how has to do with whether they are good beings or bad beings.  Frequency of consumption is usually dictated by age with older vampires often needing less.

Back to good vs bad (baaaaad) vampires; good vampires either drink animal blood, take from a partner with whom they have bonded (in which case it increases sexual pleasure), take from humans but erase their memories and do not take too much.  Grey area vampires, and the grey is usually their own soul (or not) searching, find criminals and “drain” them; some also keep “pets (humans from whom they take blood but not enough to damage them).  The latter are grey because they do not consider the humans as equals but as a food source.

Vampires who are bad, who have “blood lust” or have otherwise gone rogue, have no regard as other than a food source or herd.  They go so far as to consider themselves superior to humans and that humans do exist to serve the Vampire’s needs.  Therefore they may keep a human pet, but just as easily “go too far.”

This is often the attitude in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, and it is more pronounced in the HBO series True Blood which is derived therefrom.  In this series, Japanese scientists have invented a blood substitute that sustains Vampires.  This has enabled Vampires to “come out of the coffin.”  The Vampire world is divided into regions and districts and even states.  These have sherrifs, kings, queens and magisters who administer justice, But it certainly isn;t the justice we have come to expect.  In this new world where we know about Vampires there are those who only drink bottled and those who drink both but rarely if ever kill. The remaining vampires do not believe they should have come out and prefer to live and dine as they have for centuries.

 In the Brotherhood of Blood series by Kathryn Smith the first vampire in the first book, Be Mine Tonight, to whom we are introduced is “Chapel” of whom the readers learn that the “pint of pig’s blood he had consumed earlier sustained and strengthened him, but it had been like eating turnip when what one really craved was chocolate.  Earlier he had had to step outside to clear the scent of human from his senses.”
Smith,  Kathryn: Be Mine Tonight, Avon 2006, Chapter 3, Location 443 – 449

Clearly, Chapel, like Ms. Meyer’s “vegetarian vampires,”  the Cullen Family, can survive on animal blood but would like a nice juicy person.  Also, Ms. Smith’s cadre of vampires can eat and drink human food and not just humans.

I first became interested in this subject on seeing some people flame Stephenie Meyer on web forums.  People seemed to believe (as I DO NOT) that she had wholesale lifted the stories out of this or that series.  I thought that perhaps there were similarities between series because there are certain questions about the creatures that are usually rather vital to the story, and among these are food and blood, and another is origin. There are other characteristics:  ability to propagate, taking a human lover or bonded mate, etc., that are common throughout the genre.  In fact it would be pretty hard for one novel or series NOT to share commonalities with others.

Thanks so much for reading.  It is so much fun to explore these ideas.