Still in Florida True Blood Mini-sodes

The stomach flu has held me captive an extra day down here in Florida.  But, there are now very fun True Blood Mini-Sodes set to promote the series third season starting up on HBO on June 13. In the clip embedded above, Eric and Pam audition some interesting new acts for the club Eric owns.

Most people with an interest in this genre, are probably familiar with the True Blood series based on Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels.  I am looking forward to the next installment of both.  The TV series is based on but doesn’t follow the books story-lines.  After an initial shock, I realized that repetition of the books would lead to a short-lived series.  It is always interesting to see what choices the TV series team make in interpreting the story.  In the books, Lafayette is killed fairly early on, but in the series he is the cook, and very stylish.    Indeed, I would love to see some of his make-up tips.In the books, the character clogging up most of Season 2, Maryanne the Maenad, has a much smaller part to play.

For True Blood and Sookie fans, May 4 is also exciting as Charlaine Harris’ next book, Dead in the Family will be out.  In the book and teleplay, we are awaiting information on whether Vampire Bill lives or dies as his future is poised to go either way but for different reasons.

One aspect of the series last year that I found very disappointing was the Vampire Queen of Louisiana as played by Evan Rachel Wood, an actress so poorly cast in this role that it was dismaying to watch — or it could be she is not a good actor.  Charlaine Harris described the queen as a lady, but Ms.Wood played her as a sexually hungry bi floozy.  I would have expected someone with more gravitas than this young and silly child in the role.

Alan Ball recently revealed that a new were-creature will be making an appearance to help solve a mystery. I am wondering if more of Sookie’s powers and origins are revealed.

Well, as much as I love the surreal, the real is that I have been down with a stomach flu and a nap calls.  Check out the Sookie Stackhouse series, It’s lots of fun and the series is nit repetitious as some are. And check out the promo-mini sodes!