The Final Eclipse Trailer is Here

Even though I am “on vacation” in Florida (with broken A/C) I noticed that the final trailer for Eclipse is out.  Here’s a link:  I watched it among the cacophony of my family and our myriad crises so it wasn’t the most important thing going on, but it did show me some glimpses of what will be happening.  Lots of action, some romance.  Lots of CGI.  I am really, really looking forward to seeing the movie as it helps me keep the characters going. A few changes but not too many that I could tell.

Otherwise, still reading the same book. Trying to tune out my relatives’ constant chatter makes for slow reading.   It’s hard when you work from home to get used to people talking all day.

Hope where ever you are the weather is fine.  I am going to sit out on the screen porch and pray for A/C.