Who’s for Dinner!

“Ask me the most basic question, ‘What do we eat?’”

In Twilight, the wildly successful film based on Stephenie Meyers, the Twilight Saga this is how (in paraphrase) Edward admits to Bella that his “special” diet is not because he has an autoimmune disease, or because his parents raised him on totally organic vegetables, but because he is, as she has suspected, a vampire. This scene does not occur in Twilight, the book but is part of the online draft of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyers an account of Twilight from Edward’s Point of View.

Of course, as any reasonable fan of the paranormal romance genre knows, Edward and his family don’t consume human blood, although it is a struggle. They consider themselves “vegetarians,” which in this instance means they only eat (non-human) animals. And, they are also unable to digest regular food. At one point in Midnight Sun (only available online see below) Edward eats a morsel of pizza and is disgusted.

     It was as slimy and chunky and as repulsive as any human food. I chewed stiffly and 
     swallowed,  trying to keep the grimace off my face. The gob of food moved slowly and   
     uncomfortably down my throat. I sighed as I thought of how I would have to choke it 
     back up later. Disgusting.
     p. 234: www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/midnightsun_partial_draft4.pdf

How do other vampires handle food? First, let’s assume that all vampires must drink blood.Otherwise they wouldn’t be vampires.

I wanted to start with Anne Rice. Her vampires did drink their victims to death, and they also drank the blood of animals when necessary. I can’t remember (and cannot find the book) if they were unable to eat or if they just didn’t wish to. I also cannot remember if they drank the humans out of existence because they couldn’t stop or if it was for enjoyment.

In the Argeneau Series and Rogue Hunter Series by Lyndsay Sands the vampire does not have the digestive process altered that much, I guess because they can eat and drink. These Atlanteans (from Atlantis rather than Atlanta) were created due to the introduction of nanos, small, self-replicating body repairing machines. The Nanos require blood to work. However, the vampires (or as they prefer to be called, Immortals) can eat and drink regular food. It is just that after hundreds of years it becomes a bore, as does sex. However, a renewed interest in both food and sex emerges when the vampire meets his/her human or vampire life mate. These vamps have the power of compulsion and the ability to read minds, except that of their true mate.

According to their laws, the Argeneau vampires cannot kill humans and they who do are considered rogue and hunted down. Instead, the Argeneau series vamps drink bagged blood provided, quite handily, by their own multinational blood-banking corporation. There are, in this series, a few who are not able to drink the bagged blood. They are allowed to feed from humans.

In the Love at Stake Series from Kerrelyn Sparks, Vampires can drink bottled blood, in fact there are many flavored types available as well as “bleer” a blood beer. There are two kinds of vampires: The good guys who drink bottled blood, and they who consider that beneath them. Only the latter continue to prey on and kill humans.They do not seem to consume human food.

Kate McAllistair’s Dark Ones, once they find their “beloved” (an immortalized life mate) can only drink their blood. Prior to that they do need blood to survive and I believe it comes from humans.

Enough for this post.  I hope to continue in this vein (tee-hee) for my next post. It is such an interesting topic, but I don’t think you wanted to read a dissertation when you logged in.