So, have you ever read a book — the first published novel even, and enjoyed it so much that you waited, and waited and waited for the author to write another?  I know you have.  Such, for me, is the situation with Eternal Seduction by Jennifer Turner.  This is one of the books about the “good vampires”  whose job it is to protect humans from bad vampires.  A drug addict, Logan knows too much about vampires and has to be turned or the less attractive alternative to turning. The Vamp in charge of NY, Kerestyan takes her back to his place and their relationship develops from there. There is some very hot action, (fanning face)  in a great kitchen and again in other locations, and then there is also some fighting as well.  It sure gives rehab a new look.

I also have to admit I love the cover there is something intensely provocative about it but it is not nasty; and I enjoyed, hmmm, the relationship between the two main characters Kerestyan & Logan. Ms. Turner is considering a trilogy of their characters to allow the relationship to grow past lust into love (on Logan’s part).   But, the Darkness Within series is not about just the two characters, it will feature other members of the Darkness Within world. 

On her blog  Ms. Turner offers readers some sneak peeks, reviews, interviews, information about what is holding up Eternal Hearts, etc.  And, her website for these books, offers even more.  I support this author in her quest to rewrite a novel under difficult circumstances.   It takes a lot of fortitude to stand up to the many distractions of the everyday and put hand to keyboard.

Hopefully we’ll see the book soon, but it will get here in its own time.