Fang it All! New Sookie Stackhouse Novel: Dead in the Family

Well, Fang it All! 

I am eagerly awaiting the release of Dead In the Family for Kindle but apparently Amazon and some publishers are not able to play nice.

On Charlaine Harris’ website and forum one fan wrote and was responded to thusly:

Why can’t I get DEAD IN THE FAMILY on my Kindle?
Due to ongoing negotiations between Amazon and several major publishers, including Charlaine’s publisher, Penguin Books, Amazon is currently not selling books by those publishers for Kindle. Please understand that this is a result of actions by Amazon, not the publishers and certainly not the authors, as evidenced by the fact that DITF is available on other eReaders.

Okay, now you publishers and Amazon,  play nice and share your toys so I don’t have to order a paper copy of this book.  And, the Kindle copy would be the same price as the hardcover is at Amazon! 

Come on let’s “glamour” these guys and get the dang book on Kindle.

I wish I were a “big” time blogger and Ms. Harris’ publicist would send me the advanced readers’ copy so I could review the tome for you but at this rate you will have it read before I do!

I am working on my next heavily researched post about Vampires and their Sexuality.  In particular why there is so much about Vamps being bi, gay or lesbian not on a moral level but solely as a point of interest. Ms. Harris talked about this in the NYT on Sunday and Kim Harrison includes it as well.  And, there may be more bi/lesbian/gay Vampire films out there than straight ones. This has apparently sparked a bunch of interest through the years because there are tons of material.  I read something of dissertation quality (but not length last night). At least my pondering is not too unusual.

This blog is the best excuse I have come up with for either reading or sitting in front of my computer.  Now I just say, “Hey, I am doing research!”

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