O M G!!! Breaking (ish) News on Breaking Dawn

I say we must read the above title as if we were in the film Clueless only because that is how E Online, via IMDB.com, reports that Breaking Dawn has set a release date of November 18, 2011. Not a typo — not 2010, but actually twenty-eleven. I will have turned 51 (shudder) and can only hope to have not entered a senior state wherein I no longer enjoy the Twilight saga. The heck with me; girls around the world who, in 2008 stood in line for hours to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart portray a reticent vampire and his human girlfriend could be married with children by then. The girls who last November sighed and giggled at the New Moon opening day noon show (charmingly)could be studying law or medicine by then. Additionally, we have yet to learn whether BD will be one or two movies.

No explanation was offerred.

Throwing poor little us a bone, Eclipse will be premiered at the Nokia Theatre in LA on June 24 and in theatres on June 30.