My First Blogger Award

Stay tuned to this channel – later today I will be putting up my review of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula with an interview with the author! Her answers are much better than my questions!

Kah at the Books of My Life, was kind enough to send me this award.  It is one of the nice things that bloogers do for each other – a pat on the back.  Thanks Kah!

I am to tell you seven things about myself and then pass the award onto 15 other deserving bloggers!

1. I am an open book.
2. I have 4 cats.
3. I am completely addicted to Pilates.
4. I have been married 27.5 years, and
5. I will be fifty in November.
6. I cannot eat gluten due to celiac disease. 
7. All my favorite food, and all the food of my ancestry contains gluten.

Check out these fine blogs who I think deserve a pat on the back

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  6. Twilight Takeover
  7. Candace’s Book Blog
  8. Bookish in a Box
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  10. Badass Bookie
  11. Bewitched Bookworms
  12. Vampire Wire
  13. Wondrous Reads
  14. Lost Entwife
  15. Ex Libris

One thing I realized is that I have to update my links to other blogs.  Most bloggers I follow deserve a pat on the back.  It takes time and effort, sometime a little money and it is a pretty solitary affair.

But I love it.
Thanks Kah!!!!