Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

I had been seeing this book, with intriguing cover of a lovely and tastefully tattooed Mercy Thompson  holding a book, in front of a window, but I didn’t know the author and have spent WAY too much  on books this past year (my DH and I have downloaded about 300 books since last May) so I hied myself to the library and voila, there it was on the come-&-get-me table of new releases. Brand new copy!

I borrowed it and read it on Sunday and Monday.  I really liked it. First off it is the fifth book in the series but I have to say, the history is told masterfully, as a part of the story.  At no point was I going what? Who?  But then I also wasn’t bored by a retelling of the previous volume.  This book stood on its own as a great story. 

The main character, Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is a were-coyote who was (so cliche to write this) raised by wolves.  Her mate, Adam, is an Alpha werewolf. This is a world where supes are known but not all supes are “out.” Some pack members are not happy that he has taken a non-wolf as a mate.  Also, part of the back story is a sexual assault in the last book (I think) that makes her a little less available romantically.  Inside all that tension is the story of Mercy’s interaction with Fae. May I say the Fae get nastier and nastier. The more I know fae the more I like my dog.  Really!  These beings have no morals and are dangerous.

Mercy was loaned something by a part Fae bookseller.  The Fae want it back.  Resolving this situation is a big part of the story.  It is a bit like a Reverse Maltese Falcon with supernatural creatures. Mercy’s and Adam’s relationship to the pack is the rest.

I found the book very well-crafted, the writing tight and the action and plot moved quickly.  I read through the whole thing in a 24 hour period and had a tough time putting it down when True Blood was on! There is no graphic sexual encounter, although the intimate nature of Mercy’s and Adam’s relationship is implied.

Mercy is a strong female character who is not appearance obsessed.  According to the book cover, though, she is pretty hot.  And, from description Adam is no slouch.   What

is it with these Supes, the ones that are hot are very hot, the un-hot Supes are nasty.

Mercy’s room mate is also a werewolf, Samuel.  Patty comments on her site that this is his book.  Well, he is a big part of the plot and keep Mercy busy, but maybe I was too busy getting to know Mercy to see this as Samuel’s story.

I want to read the earlier books, and I am anxious to do so.  My library is pretty sad when it comes to Urban Fantasy and PNR (I am speaking with them about that).  But Silver Borne was so good I won’t mind if I have to plunk down the credit card for the remaining books!  This is definitely worth the time and money.

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So much to read!

SignatureCover art reprinted with Author’s permission
Illustration by Daniel Dos Santos
Patricia Briggs
Butte Montana

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