What was your first fantasy?

Your first fantasy book, of course!  What did you think I was asking?  HMMMM?

Or, how did you come to fantasy reading?  I suspect our first foray into fantasy may have been the fairy tale.  But, later, when you got a library card what brought you to the genre  (I am lumping fantasy, PNR, fantasy erotica, etc.  together for expediency)? Was it a book, TV show, film? Did you love it as a kid or teen and then trade it in for what some people see as more serious literature (did you catch my snark?)?

I can cite a couple of things:

1. The original Star Trek, in syndication, and my MAD crush on Captain Kirk.
How totally embarrassing. This got me into Sci Fi and reading the classic: Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Pohl Anderson (?)… 

2. Fantasy Literature courses in college.  I never did get through the Thomas Mallory, but I loved the roots of fantasy literature and when I was serious Jorge Luis Borges. I still recall a story he wrote — I believe it was called The Circle, about mankind creating itself from itself.

3.  LOTR – The movies, Harry Potter and most recently Twilight.