A Guest Post from Eryn Lockhart About A Kick Ass Heroine

Welcome Eryn Lockhart and thank you for filling in for me while I let my now cancer free leg heal! I put out a request and Eryn stepped right up to the bat:

Hi everyone, I’m Eryn Lockhart, debut romance author a long-time  PNR/UF romance fan 🙂 I’m thrilled to guest blog on Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust with a review for a  historical romance that has a little bit of fey magic, and a whole lot of enchantment:  Stronger than Magic, by Heather Cullman. Tracking down a copy without the aid of Amazon would probably be a heroic quest in its own right–but this story is unforgettable. How much so? More than 10 years and several hundred books after I first read it, I still remember the title, the story, and the characters–and it STILL ranks among the best fantasy romance I’ve ever read.

Stronger Than Magic presents a breathtaking fairytale, fully realized and fleshed-out, with characters that will make you laugh, cry, and keep rooting for them until they finally reach their hard-won happily ever after…but what truly makes Heather Cullman’s tale unique is the heroine. It’s not difficult to find a romance where the hero struggles for redemption;  but in this fairytale, it’s the heroine who takes the hard road, battling to right past wrongs, redeem herself, and save the one she loves.

I’ve always had a soft spot for heroines who claim their own destiny–and Alys is a girl who overcomes her flaws to save herself and her hero as well. Her transition from a vain, selfish, prideful beauty into one with heart, charm, and a tireless devotion to redeem the hero she unwittingly cursed and herself in the process is  fascinating to watch. The tortured hero’s growth from a withered soul to one who realizes the joy of living and the magic of love is enchanting–and the incorrigible presence of a wisecracking, lewdly perceptive hob are hilarious. The fairy realm and the London Season collide in a magical tale of redemption, salvation, misbegotten curses, & hilarious hi-jinks…and ends with the triumphant realization that true love really is Stronger Than Magic.
Here is a bit about Eryn from her website:

I am a latter-day gypsy, bookworm, and unrepentant chocoholic—few things are as exciting to me as travel, I practically inhale novels and could spend all day at Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Half-Price books, and I firmly believe dark chocolate isn’t candy, it’s heaven in bite-sized pieces.

I’ve been addicted to the Romance genre since my mom busted me for raiding her special shelves when I was 12; though it wasn’t until several years later that I began toying around with writing my own novels. I write historical, contemporary, and paranormal/urban fantasy romance, and right now I’m celebrating over finally releasing my debut novel, After Midnight.

I grew up as the oldest of five children, with a menagerie of pets. To this day, I’m still not a cat or dog person, I’m an animal person. Once you’ve added snakes, squirrels, sugar gliders, and iguanas to the usual line-up of companion animals, it adds a whole new dimension to the kinds of critters you feel comfortable with.

When I’m not writing or reading, I’m usually watching movies, listening to music playing videogames, or experimenting with spicy food (my specialties are Tex-Mex and Thai). On nights when I go out, it’s usually to karaoke, dance halls, restaurants, or (if I’m lucky) travelling and scuba diving. http://www.erynlockhart.x10.mx/books.html#books

Eryn’s own books include:

The Hellfire Bride  is my 1st novella, a Regency Romance set in 1827. At approx. 14,700 words, it’s a wonderful story perfect for lunch breaks, before bed, or whenever you’ve got a few moments to spare. So, feel free to check it out, and spend a little while in a thrilling escape to a by-gone era, on a whirlwind journey of suspense, passion, and love.

After Midnight: Lucien Warrick’s years of service as an agent of the Crown have prepared him for anything…except Jacqueline Gervais; a spirited French refugee who’s skills in deception and sabotage rival his own. Together, they discover that the path to true love goes hand in hand with a mission that can make or break an empire.