What Are Today’s New Releases? Ask the Book Tart!

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Even though I must have, or it feels like I do, a thousand books to read, once in a while I troll the pages of some book sites to see what has come out.  It’s fairly frustrating. I adore Amazon.com but their search engine is not happy-making: It’s all digested via my prior buys, and goes by some weird date scheme that includes anything from the past year as new.  Pah!

Kat (R) and me (L)
Wonky Photo!

Enter THE BOOK TART.  Kat is a young woman with a passion for all things bookish, particularly the romance genre. She was visiting my area and we got together last week for an iced tea. That’s the two of us in a rather wonky camera phone picture.  Trippy, huh? It’s so fun to meet another blogger in person. We communicate online forever and it’s so great to actually meet!

Kat was telling me about her site and the NEW FICTION RELEASE DATABASE.  Kat was frustrated by finding this wasn’t available when she was looking for books, so she took the initiative and started it.  In her blog Kat says:

My favorite day of the week is Tuesdays, new release day. And I have become tired of searching the internet trying to find out what books are coming out when. I can’t be the only reader who would appreciate that kind of list, right? The Book Tart, Feb. 2012

No, Kat, you’re not alone! I’ve also found looking for new releases to be a real drag, that is until this service came along!  Kat says the site doesn’t have all the features she has planned but they rolled it out and will be making it even more useful in the near future.

It’s pretty cool and easy to use.  I took this screen shot and with the green graphics point out the different ways to search. If I want to know what’s coming up in September in a particular genre there are filters that easily allow for that.

You will definitely want to head over to THE BOOK TART to check out this very useful service. Something we really needed has arrived!