IF WISHES WERE EARLS: Colorful, Witty & Romantic


Wishes-EarlsRhymes with Love, Book 3
by Elizabeth Boyle
Avon Books/Harper Collins
December 31, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-06-208909-0
Mass Market Paperbook and E-book formats
368 Pages

E-Galley provided by publisher via Avon for reviewing purposes. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own unless otherwise noted.


When you wish upon an earl…

Harriet Hathaway has only ever wanted one man: the Earl of Roxley. After a passionate interlude at a house party, Harriet is convinced Roxley will do the right thing and propose. But when she returns to London, she finds the roguish earl on the verge of proposing to another.

Yet Harriet refuses to believe that her hopes of a happily ever after are completely lost—for she can see the desire still flickering in the earl’s eyes when he looks at her from across the dance floor. And when they are alone…there is one wish neither can deny.

The most extraordinary things can happen.

The Earl of Roxley is in a dangerous fix—and to keep Harriet safe, he must hold her at arm’s length. He won’t entangle her in the murderous mystery that is threatening to destroy his family and his future. But keeping Harriet Hathaway out of his troubles proves as impossible as it was to keep the determined beauty from stealing his heart. http://www.elizabethboyle.com/if-wishes-were-earls.php#sthash.8GvifZrV.dpuf

This was an absolutely charming story — the plot offers quite a lot of danger, witty dialogue often makes the story comical and always entertaining. It’s linguistically interesting:  I suspect Boyle enjoys the origin of words in much the same way I do.  I really enjoyed her use of original words that have come down to us in different spellings:  for example, partis  for parties as in interested parties. I thought it was well-written and plotted.  The main characters were not the same old, same old fodder of the romance genre but quite different, amusing, smart, flawed, frightened but courageous, uncertain all will be well. The story’s aristocrats are beginning to be overtaken by the “common” middle classes and it shows in their attitudes.

I enjoyed the “always thought of her as a sister, but now she’s a woman” theme. The tenderness Roxley presents for both young Harry and the grown up Harriet are sweet.  And, young Harry and Harriet have both always thought of Roxley otherwise.

I thought the description of customs and attitudes was spot on. And the description of the financial straits many nobles found themselves  was enlightening.  The internal monologues describing the character’s feelings was so romantic as the hero and heroine struggle towards each other in a farcical; comedy of errors and intrigue.

While the situation became dire it never really felt as if the couple were in danger.  Somehow, in the way of romance I knew all would work out in the end for all but a few characters.

Sweet, sexy romance with a little danger will add color to any dreary winter’s day.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


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