TWO More stories in A NAUGHTY LITTLE CHRISTMAS Anthology

 A Naughty Little Christmas

(Cowboys, Cops, and Kilts: 8 Seasonally Seductive Romances from Bestselling Authors)

Randi Alexander, Aliyah Burke, Ann Bruce, Opal Carew, Dawn Halliday (Jennifer Haymore, Yvette Hines, Christin Lovell, Paige Tyler

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This is a pretty large anthology of 646 pages.  There are a  lot of excerpts of other works by each author.

It’s loo long to review in one day so I will probably only get through the first three before I need to move on.  I did the first story yesterday, HERE

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A Naughty Noelle by Ann Bruce, cover19th Precinct 1.5

by Ann Bruce
Genre: Christmas Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Length: Novelette
Release date: Ellora’s Cave, 21 December 2007
Reissued 12 November 2011
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WARNING: Graphic language and explicit sex scenes (M/F, anal sex)

Two days to Christmas and Noelle Mason is in danger of becoming a New York City statistic when a walking cliché—tall, dark and unshaven—rushes in to rescue her. Thus, when he literally and painfully bumps into her just hours later, bleeding and with bad men chasing after him, she decides to return the favor.

His cover blown by someone on the inside, Sergio Ramirez knows hospitals, the station house and even his home are off limits to him. As should be the woman determined to help him, but it’s snowing and cold outside, and Noelle’s so very willing to share her body heat and work with him to generate even more.

Then the bad men catch up with him—and this time they have guns.


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My Take!This was a film noir fantasy of  a story; unapologetically dark and dangerous. The sex was hot and well written, the development of an emotional connection between Noelle and Sergio, while rushed felt natural.  On the first page Noelle leaves her suitcase behind at her original stop, though, and I found myself worrying about it the entire time.

Ann Bruce gives a lovely description of the holiday season in Manhattan; totally in a TV fantasy way, but still, it’s a nice dream.  This is an intelligent and smart story — it makes the purchase of the anthology worth it even if you read no further within it.



Aliyah Burke

Published By: Sensual Romance Publishing, Published: Dec 15, 2012

Kassia Green finds herself in Massachusetts—the last place she wants to be—to house-sit for her cousin over Christmas. Not a fan of snow or cold, she would much rather be home, or even in the Caribbean. Little does she know returning from shopping one day will bring her face-to-face with a naked man in that very house.

Heath Dixon, former Army, takes his friend up on an offer to stay at his place, where he meets, Kassia. Despite their rocky start, she has him forgetting about his injury and thinking of all the ways they could keep warm at night.

As Christmas gets closer, they discover more about one another and Heath realizes he has no wish to lose her. Can he make her understand that sometimes the best holiday surprise can be unwrapped when you first discover it? at All Romance Books


My Take!I was drawn into this story immediately by the author’s skill in showing me Kassia’s personality and the frustration she finds in a lovely, cold, wet Boston day. She experiences the delightful sensation of putting a shoe clad foot right into a slushy puddle or freezing cold water.  Much of the story is like that with deep description, not extraneous but rich.  The exposition is kept to a minimum.

The description carries through, even to Heath’s grief-riddled, battle story. We get an understanding of his grief and his painful injuries have left him vulnerable and needful of quiet love — and Kassia is right there to do that.  The Three Wise cousins see to it.  The sweetness of the relationship is  lovely, although I found the sex a little crustier than I like. It’s very nippley.  But, it’s more good than bad.

The upshot is, there are ample reasons to spend ninety-nine cents on this anthology, and I bet there is more in it that I might enjoy, and the price of the items singly are often higher than the price of the anthology (it was ninety nine cents when I bought it and still is, but I have no idea how long it will be there and how long it will be available).