My Reflections on my Reading Year: WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Source: written by Steph

First, I would like to thank everyone who reads and participates in discussions on this blog.  It is the best job I have had in my life even though I make no money doing it.  Some of my favorite finds have been through you, the people who read and respond.  I ALWAYS want your suggestions questions and ideas.   I strive to bring you new content everyday. Not stuff you can read all over the internet (unless I cross post it there) and I don;t like to put up purely promotional posts.  There’s got to be something new/informational/critical in it.  I always ask guests for exclusive content.  And, I have been known to send stuff back to the publicist.  You deserve the best, and no less.

Ya’ Know, I don’t like to rate with stars or another rating system.  I guess I could but, I would have to rate on several criteria and those change and are dependent on book length, genre, position in series and so on.

So, with my inability to say THIS was my favorite, I really can’t come up with just one, or even ten favorite books.   I think I look at things differently — not that I am brilliant or something, I just don’t think “This was my very favorite book.”

Order of the Black Swan 1 - 6 coversOne of my favorite new (to me) authors was Victoria Danann with her Order of the Black Swan Series.  This series totally captivated me.  Victoria’s voice is unusual, fresh and modern.  It’s written intelligently and has great characters in a fabulous premise that leaves tons of room for new ideas ad directions.

Another huge, HUGE, favorite new writer is Ruthie Knox.  She hits it out of the park with her hot scenes and humor.  I love how she is embracing, and experimenting with brand new formats like serializations.  I was absolutely enthralled with her Watt Pad serial, TRULY.  In fact it is entirely possible this was my favorite book this year.  It is only on Wattpad through tomorrow though.  It will be coming out in 2014 as a novel.  WATCH FOR IT!

Cover, Thinking Woman's Guide to Real MagicMemorable less “sexy” books I read this year were Emily Croy Barker’s THE THINKING WOMAN’S GUIDE TO REAL MAGIC and Mia March’s FINDING COLIN FIRTH.  These two books might be better classified as women’s fiction.  They were both worth my time.

One writer who pushes erotica to the limit, who really pushes it into the land of literary fiction is Megan Hart.  She never disappoints me, her books make me sad, happy, get me thinking.  Her story, BROKEN,  was devastating and tantalizing.


3D Cover HARD AS IT GETSCover of "Broken"


Laura Kaye remains a huge favorite of mine.  I more than review her work, I support it.  She writes with so much heart.  I have watched her writing style grow and become more confident.

A writer I loved last year and not so much this year was Tiffany Reisz.  Her saga of a Sadistic Dom who was a Catholic priest and his Switch Mistress left me feeling cold and confused.  It certainly defied safe, sane and consensual.

I have enjoyed more historic romance this year and found enjoyment in Tessa Dare, Eloisa James, Sophie Jordan and Julia Quinn.

Aside from the BDSM trend that has been so popular this year, the trend I see is curviness, and in some instances downright reverse size-ism.  But making the focus size doesn’t change the focus of who we are and where we find love.  If you focus on size the convo stays about size. Skinny, curvy, heavy, light, fat and thin: we all have issues about something. And, I see as many women of size in relationships as  “skinny women.”

We’ve gotten past color in genre fiction; let’s get past size too. But let’s also get past the idea that we should somehow not see a person’s size or color.  We don’t have to make assumptions about people based on visual cues but there seems to be an idea that we shouldn’t even see things and that’s just as artificial as any discrimination.

I have noticed recently that I am less interested in books about BDSM. That and the increase in my interest in historic fiction seem to have pulled me from my original focus on paranormal fiction. I would like to move back to more paranormals but also expand what I read to include more women’s fiction.

Surprise religious insertion into fiction continues to be an issue for me; it’s not that way for a lot of people, though.  I own that it is my issue.

And, those are my reflections on the year.  What about you?