SEX AND THE WIDOW MILES: Finally a Heroine of a Certain Age. (Mine!)




Women of Willow BayBy Nan Reinhardt
Paperback and E-Book 164 pages
Fine Wine Romances (September 24, 2013)
Book Provided by author for review purposes.  No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Model-thin, beautiful, and aging gracefully, Julie Miles was looking forward to retirement with her husband, Dr. Charlie Miles, in their idyllic Willow Bay, Michigan home. But when Charlie dies of a heart attack, simply getting out of bed becomes a daily struggle. Desperate for a change of scene, she leaves her home to stay in her friend Carrie’s unoccupied Chicago apartment.

Her handsome and young new neighbor, Will Brody, seems to enjoy his assignment to keep an eye on her, and Jules can’t help but be flattered. She embraces life—and sex—again, until the discovery of a dark secret shatters her world once more. She knows her feelings for Will are more than casual, and he’s made it clear he wants her, but how can she ever trust a man again when her perfect life turned out to be a lie? Determined to get to the bottom of it all, Jules goes in search of the truth and discovers that there’s always a second chance to find real love. Nan Reinhardt


A lot of you know that I have been decrying the new “New Adult” Romance sub-genre. My contention is that since most romance novels feature youthful characters they don’t need their own classification. “We need an Old Adult genre,” I’ve been saying, loudly, to anyone who will listen.

After all women and men over forty-five are not dead from the neck down. I know I’m not and I am tired of heroines of the advanced age of thirty-two crying about their wrinkles and sagging skin. Oh, Boo Hoo.  At thirty-two if your boobs are heading south you need to work out more.

So, Yay! a series featuring women of a certain age. And a capable, mature, if slightly flummoxed by her circumstances woman.  Okay, it’s a little irritating that she is a model and had the perfect life.  It’s really a little too Stepford that she got up before her husband every day and did her makeup then got back into bed.  *Snort*

But it is great how anger pushes this woman out of a frozen state of grief so she can move on.  The secret is terrible, but she does something that I doubt I could, she doesn’t let learning it ruin her life.  The book made me think again about how much I love my husband of thirty one years and made me worry about losing him. It also brought up other things to consider that could be spoilerish so I will let you find them yourself.

Mostly this is a journey to the next part of Julie’s life.  She gets some great stops along the way and one of them is pretty darn hot.  Of course she finds a great guy — a really great, hot guy.

If you’re like me (older than most fictional heroines) and your looking for a love story you can relate to then I recommend this to you.