Conquering Cabin Fever

Something Different

snowy_yard 2014
This was my yard January 2 or 3 of 2014

I live in Maine.

Thanks goodness I live in Southern Maine.

Where we live is as far from Northern Maine as it is from Manhattan.

In late April that can be the difference between tulips and snowdrifts. Happily, Southern Maine is slightly more on the tulips side of that equation. Right now there’s not too much difference.

Now,  it is WINTER in all its fluffy, monochromatic, snowy, short-dayed, deep-drifted, iced-fucking-everything depressiveness.

We woke up this past Saturday morning to a warning that the roads are too icy for travel. Pah! Our driveway is a skating rink. The roads are so foggy that for the first time, I found car fog lights useful BEFORE the sun went down. Sidewalks were a hazard and I never felt as if the sun came up.  This wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t been stuck inside four out of the last five days.

What to do?

1. Housework? Ri-i-ight. Not so much.
2. Honey Do List. Also not happening. Not HERE anyway.
3. Lie in bed until lunch time and work on one’s blog (yeah did that the cats loved it).
4. Surf the interweb, shop online and buy more shit I don’t need.
5. Plan travel – involving arguing whether to get a free room or pay for a suite.
6. Have a home spa day. – A great way to pass an hour.
7. Whine a lot and think of places to move.
8. Read (because that would be so different than my normal activity).
9. Write about reading and “network.” Like that’s not everyday either.
10. Watch movies on TV. Hmmm, now that has potential.
11. Do a Jigsaw Puzzle.
12. Drink More.
13. Sex — remember real people are not like book characters.

This 1500 piece puzzle took several days. We had help from friends on New Year’s Eve.

There’s something about being SO BORED and HAVING CABIN FEVER that makes normal activities like reading difficult. Nothing is appealing. It’s not that I don’t have plenty to read; things I have promised to read, it’s just that my cabin fever has arrived at a point where I am rejecting all disciplined behavior.

Then there’s the sheer inconvenience of everything. Mounting snowbanks won’t be as much of an issue after today’s fog melts them down. It’s also much warmer, but for some reason, the driveway is not any less icy.  If you know me you know that my ideal for dressing is a summer dress. Shower, shave, throw on some lingerie and  a dress and I am all set.

Getting dressed in the winter is like traveling with small children; possibly more work than it is worth.

I even have to use different products to battle the dry air.  So, it’s shower, moisturize EVERYWHERE, undies, jeans, sock, two shirts, parka, scarf, gloves, BOOTS and gloves. Without boots parking downtown is impossible. You’re still expected to use a meter, even if you have to walk through four foot snow banks to do it.

new boots, early December 2013
These were cute a month ago. I am tired of wearing them almost EVERYWHERE.

We did go out, about five miles from our  house there is an outlet center. It was difficult travel both ways and we nearly slid off the driveway on our return. The sidewalks were treacherous.  We had thought to go out at ten for a movie, but the temp will drop again and all the fog will condense into black ice, it was hard enough to get home at 4:30. So, we’re stuck home with all those cabin fever activities already exhausted, although I guess we could give a few more a try.

If I were a skier or skater, I might not be feeling so frustrated. I am not an “outdoorsy” type. But I do like the option of going out.

So,  I figure this is my winter rant. I get one, right?

As we slid along the sidewalk I said to my husband that, I thought we have to move.
I love Maine.  It’s pretty safe, there’s not much traffic or pollution. The coast is gorgeous. Sure, we currently have a crazy governor, but until the past few years winter wasn’t such a pain.  Maybe it’s age and not climate change, but whatever it is, my patience with it is wearing thin.

What do you do when the weather is such that you get cabin fever?

Update, a day later we awoake to warmer temps and sunnier skies so it’s much less depressing. Thanks for indulging me.

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