THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME: What Attracts One Person to Another?

The Fireman Who Loved Me


The Fireman Who Loved Me CoverBachelor Firemen #1
by Jennifer Bernard
Published April 24, 2012
by Harper Collins/Avon
Mass Market Paperback & E-Book Formats 257 pages

E-Book provided by publisher as a promotional opportunity for a different book in this series. This did not affect my opinion of the book and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.



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Fearless, smoking hot and single: meet the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel. These firemen might be heroes, but it’s their bad luck in love that makes them legendary.

News producer Melissa McGuire and Fire Captain Harry Brody couldn’t be more different, though they do have one thing in common: they’re both convinced they’re perfectly wrong for each other.

But when Melissa’s matchmaking grandmother wins her a date with Brody at a bachelor auction… Sparks fly. Passion flares. Heat rises. (You get the picture.)

Add a curse, a conniving nightly news anchor, a stunningly handsome daredevil fireman, a brave little boy, a couple of exes, and one giant fire to the mix and Melissa and Brody’s love may not be the only thing that burns. JenniferBernard.Net


This short novel has everything: emotional content, danger, schemers, straight up folks, hot guys, little old ladies, bad neighborhoods, surfers, foster children, career issues, and exes.
The characters are interesting and not “types,” and the fast-paced plot has a lot of interesting twists. I found some parts of the dialogue a little stilted, for example, when Nelly, the main female love-interests grandmother, is talking to her dead husband. But, different people talk to their dead relatives differently  — who am I to say how you should converse with the spirits of the dead.

While the story seems like it’s going to be a light frolic with a squad of feisty firefighters it is not all puppies and lollipops, there are some sad scenes, and some weighty issues. Death and loss are important in this one and miscarriage and misplaced guilt have appeared in two stories now. I think the story is about attraction and finding a person who has similar values — common ground.

Melissa seems like a real prig at the beginning; considering a bachelor auction for charity beneath her and with the idea that firefighters are cretins.  So, I wasn’t inclined to like her. I did have a more tender spot for the fire captain, Brody as he had a better sense of humor than Melissa whose favorite accessory may have been the big chip on her shoulder.  He is bitter though.

Each character is the opposite of the people to whom each is usually attracted. But, they are not really all that different.   The attraction seems destined, or paranormal, since they both feel an immediate tingle when they touch accidentally. You know they are going to hook up.  It wouldn’t have been possible if she weren’t so different from his flighty ex. Of course he is completely different from any of her past boyfriends too. In values, however, they are more similar than not. Their differences are mostly superficial and, at times, assumed.

So what attracts two people to each other? Values, Looks, Pheromones? Is it true that Opposites attract?

I don’t think it is that simple that opposites are the primary basis for attraction or success in a relationship.  What about you?

The book is enjoyable, sexy and a good read. I enjoy Bernard’s writing which I think has gotten smoother as the series progresses. At 257 pages it isn’t too much of a commitment. But, like love I highly recommend it!

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