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by Jeremy Greenberg
Formats: E-Book &  Paperback (6 x6)
64 pages
ISBN: 9781449442026
Andrews McMeel Publishing 12/17/2013
Book received from author/publisher for review purposes.  No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Kitty Hearts Doggy is a sweetly funny collection of photos and relationship profiles from some of the most unlikely couples. With “aw”-inspiring images of cats and dogs cuddling, and tongue-in-ear relationship advice to keep from biting each other’s heads off (sometimes literally), there’s tail-wagging laughter on every page to help us purr-fect our relationships.

Author Bio

Jeremy Greenberg is the former daily blogger for’s very popular The Family Room and an internationally headlining stand-up comedian. When he’s not writing, performing, or serving as a guest on numerous TV and radio programs, Jeremy’s at home in San Diego with his wife and twin toddler sons.  Online:

My Take!

There’s more than one reason why this is the perfect book for my post today:.

1.  I have been trying to convince my husband that our four cats need a dog.  I have been trying to convince him of this for at least 7 years.  This book could be the thing that tips the scale!

2. It is Serendipitous. Today is our 31st wedding anniversary and, while I wrongly assumed from the cover this was a kids’ book, it is most certainly not.  Indeed its amusing, and sometimes a little suggestive bits, make it a really good light but romantic gift for the one you lick love.  If only my husband didn’t know I was sent the book for review, I could give it to him as a gift.  But, the amusing  relationship details aspects of a cat and dog couple (or triple) told through interview or questionnaire responses show Jeremy really does speak “pet.” He tells us what they would if they could — and if they were going to say anything other than “Feed me!” 400 times a day.

3. “Cats and Dogs living together!” Is one of my favorite movie lines of all time.  We know this line from GHOSTBUSTERS is not the harbinger of the Apocalypse, but rather the prediction of great times ahead!
Really this is funny, quick, cute, light and entertaining that will tell your loved one exactly how much you know you belong together despite whatever differences there are between you. The pictures are cute too.





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