Serial Lovers: What About Your Relationships with Series?

This past month or so it seems like series are a big deal. Maybe it just feels like my world is revolving around series; they’re  like demanding lovers clamoring for attention, they seem everywhere.

Recently I’ve had many series entries come across my desk:

.5 entries like


Series enders:

Entries in ongoing serieswildthings_2-398x600

  • Chicagoland Vampires No. 9, WILD THINGS by Chloe Neill (out on February 4).

Upcoming Entries:

  • Penultimate book in Kim Harrison’s Hollows Series, THE UNDEAD POOL comes out at the end of February
  • HARD AS YOU CAN book 2 in Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series

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I am dizzy with series and I love them a whole lot.  I fall in love with characters or themes and then get to see them over and over again until the author, cruelly, removes them from the public eye (Bye Sookie).

And if I read one when I haven’t kept up with another I feel a bit guilty; like I’m cheating. Heaven forbid I start a new series! But I do — at least once a month. Does that make me a serial slut?

I’ve mentioned a few series I love above: and many could be added:  Stacia Kane’s Chess Putnam series, Molly Harper’s Halfmoon Hollow series,   The Order of the Black Swan from Victoria Danann, Dragonfury from Coreene Callahan, Knights of the Boardroom from Joey Hill.  There are more, always more.  This is just a quick assay of my mind’s stores of information. I really want to know about your series experiences.

But even as in love with them as I am, I find there are some I lose track of: like Stacia Kane’s series. The distracting height of my mountain of books can cause some series amnesia when I don’t see them for a while.  I’ve also lost track of the Gin Blanco series from Jennifer Estep. That’s probably because I have so many to read just to catch up. These are series I really enjoy, but I don’t know what’s happening with them.

It can be a let down to say goodbye at the end of a series, but it can  be more of a let down when a writer seems to be ‘phoning it in,’ or is so out of ideas the series becomes ridiculous. Examples of this for me are two series I loved: Mary Janice Davidson’s Queen Betsy series and   Anita Blake from Laurel K. Hamilton.  I wish Laurel would get back to the Meredith Gentry series — I found it less dark than Anita Blake.

I’m also into serials like Coreene Callahan’s WARRIOR’S REVENGE (now an entire book) and things like Ruthie Knox’s ROMAN HOLIDAY.

What are your favorite series, Which are done and need to be put out of our misery? Which series have you lost in the crowd? What do you think about serials?

I really want to know.  I get some of my best reads from you.