THE REDHEAD REVEALED: An Swimming Upstream Kind of Love






by Alice Clayton
Simon and Schuster/Gallery
320 pages
E-book February 2013/Trade Paperback November 2013/Audio August 2013
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As their careers catch fire, Grace and Jack — everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, funny, and feisty couple — find themselves on opposite coasts. Grace has landed in New York City, where she loves being onstage again, particularly because she’s playing a fabulous character in a musical written by her old college flame, Michael. Their rekindled friendship makes exploring the city that much more fun.

Wait, it’s just friendship, right?
Meanwhile, in L.A., Jack can scarcely keep up with the swirling throngs of women who track him everywhere he goes, the endless press appearances, and the ridiculous rules his manager, Holly, keeps concocting for him — all part of the buildup to the release of Time, his steamy new film.

Thank goodness for phone sex.

But even when their schedules allow them to connect, Grace and Jack must keep their relationship off the radar and away from paparazzi cameras. Sure, the sex is sensational, but can this duo survive swirling rumors, the demands of their chosen professions, Grace’s raging internal battles, and a whopping nine-year age difference?

Tick-tock, the clock is ticking. Isn’t it?

Alice Clayton brings the second installment of a tale told with her magical mix of humor and heat, so cuddle up under the sheets and flip on the Golden Girls. Grace and Jack are at it again.

LONG-DISTANCE LOVE JUST GOT HOTTER!Life is sweet. Grace Sheridan has just won her dream role in a new off-Broadway play, and the talented hunk flooding her phone with scintillating texts and scandalous photos is Jack Hamilton, the twenty-four-year-old “it” Brit whose Hollywood career is about to climax faster than . . . you know. So what if their steamy relationship is bicoastal and under wraps, or that L.A. fangirls are grabbing Jack’s ass?

Absence does make the heart grow fonder and the libido hotter, but their few weekend visits feel more more like fast food than the five-course dinner they crave. And then—the creator of Grace’s new show is the man who broke her heart back in college, and he seems to have written the play just to make amends with his leading lady.

As rumors spread that Jack and his lovely, leggy ex-girlfriend have gotten back together, Grace starts to wonder about her own feelings. Can lust alone keep our favorite, feisty duo together, or will Grace find herself back in safer, more familiar arms? – See more at:

My Take!

If you came by last week you know I was bowled over by the first book in this series, THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD (I keep typing “readhead”).  So, when I let the publisher know about that review I asked for the next two in the series as well.Clayton’s prose really  puts me in the moment and the place.  When Grace is in NYC, I can smell the taxis.  When she’s in LA, well, then I am just jealous. Also, I can totally feel the age difference between the characters, Grace and Jack.  Sometimes I think Grace feels a little bit maternal − just a little bit.  For example Jack likes to hug Grace and sort of bury his face in her middle while she scratches his head. He is soothed by the head scratching.  To me that feels a little like a mom and a son.  On the other hand, when she went through a phase working from home, gaining weight and not seeing many people, she kind of froze her emotional development a little so it gets evened out somewhat.

This is the perfect book for Valentine’s Day because it’s a love story, yes, but it’s also a story about giving oneself permission to be in love; especially when that relationship is not the norm.  Not only is there a fair difference in ages but, both characters have careers that would make the most conventional lifestyle difficult. On top of that add fans, paparazzi, and bloggers calling Grace all manner of nastiness. In the end do they prevail, or is it all too much? I was really rooting for this relationship to work out, but it is a swimming upstream kind of thing. Have you ever had a relationship where it seemed like fate was conspiring with circumstance against you?

Grace’s career puts her in Manhattan while Jack’s is putting him all over the place touring for his new film.  That distance makes it hard, and their manager’s insistence they keep their relationship secret when they can get together is a great device for writing friction into the relationship.   Some causality  in the plot felt a bit weak. While it has humor, I feel it was a bit more serious than the first  book. A lot of tough decisions, not good decisions, get made.

BTW: I thought Jack sounded a little like Robert Pattinsson as far as his accent and his looks. The way Clayton writes the “tabloid stories” about the  relationship between Jack and Grace, or with his ex-girlfriend, sounded a lot like the way  Pattinson’s relationships have been reported, or Shia LaBeouf’s and other young stars.

But it’s the fun in the relationship between the characters that made me love the first book and the second.  I ate this one up as well. It’s just so palpable, and so desirable.  I think it’s a hoot that 33 is considered old in the entertainment industry. If you can make it to that age without ending up like Lindsay Lohan or any of the other stars who have gone off the rails of their youthful success train you should be celebrated.

Clayton writes the pressures, and the pleasures, of Grace’s and Jack’s lives so well I feel I am right there with them.  But, given how much sex they have I realize that would be a little pervy.
If you like contemporary erotic romance this series is a MUST READ!Erotic Romance Challenge Contemorary Romance Reading Challenge

Tomorrow I review the (sigh!) last book in the series, THE REDHEAD PLAYS HER HAND.




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