Happy 4th Anniversary! Mistress of My Domain: My Core Values

Something DifferentFangs, Wands and Fairy Dust turns 4 this week.  Like any toddler, it’s up and walking, getting into stuff it shouldn’t, and generally  testing it’s limits.  It’s also learning  my core values:  Respect, hard work, and more respect.

I am committed to providing new, quality content that is not something you will see on every other blog. Usually that means it is my opinion.  Sometimes it’s a guest post.  Read on to see what I want this blog to be and what readers, authors and publishers can expect from me.  So, here are some of the ideas that drive Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust.

I am not a classical reviewer and won’t offer a some theoretical, philosophical approach.

I won’t write a NYT style review.  If you wanted that I suspect you would read the NYT Books In Review.

I will tell you what I think is important and what I liked and didn’t like.  I also look at  details. But it all comes down to my opinion and my personality.

While I am cognizant of certain ideals and variables in literature, I don’t really care too much about them.   I might like something for all the wrong reasons.  I might dislike something others adore.  This is me expressing my opinion, my way, moderated by civility and common sense.

Guest posts will be new, original and exclusive to maintain reader experience values. People who take the time to visit this blog deserve to see things they will not see everywhere else.  That means I try to provide new, original material every day.  This also means you won’t see “spotlights,” or strictly promotional posts as the only post for the day if there is anyway I can help it. Also, guest posts take time to set up so I want it to be worth my time.

I will occasionally provide space for a cover reveal, but it will usually be accompanied by a giveaway or unique guest post.  “Unique” = new, original and at least temporarily exclusive.

This business requires a little tit for tat.  In order to be able to review the books I want to and have author access I have to be diplomatic (Not yelling “THIS BOOK SUCKS!” for example).  But when the situation calls for that diplomacy, I will try to provide the best experience possible to readers.

Providing unpaid spotlight or purely promotional posts is unfair to people who purchase ads on the site.  Why should they have to pay for something others receive for free?

My disclosures will reveal when I am a personal friend or acquaintance of the author I am reviewing.  In such instances the reader should know that my personal relationship with the author cannot help but influence my opinion of the book.  It is often  impossible for me to refuse to read something a friend writes. This is just the practical me.
I believe that if you take the time to comment here you should be responded to respectfully and as fast as I can manage.  Moderation is necessary because for every one legitimate comment or pingback I receive I get about seven “spammy” entries.

There are times I cannot respond to each comment: a large giveaway, or if an author is responding to your comments.

I will try to find something good in the worst of books. However, sometimes I cannot take the time to, or I am unable to force myself to,  finish a book I do not like and you may not hear that from me.

Or, you may.  It all depends; I reserve to right to keep my mouth shut.

This post will become part of my pages above, under policies.  This may not be complete and may evolve, but what will remain important to me is my integrity and the reader’s enjoyment and that you get something of value here.


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