Sophie Avett’s New Gotham: Five Things a Tourist Should Remember to Pack

My guest today is Sophie Avett who has written up a whole new world in NEW GOTHAM.  Great Fantasy Getaway Destination.  A mental fantasy resort.  No lines! No Luggage fees, No waiting for your luggage either. And plenty of room to stretch your imagination!
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There is a place where vampires roam free and the cake and libraries are plentiful. A place where our favorite storybook characters come back from the dead in a
re-animated world where books are mere records of all that has come and all
that will be.
A fictitious city near the shores of modern-day New York, New Gotham is Noir mixture of Manhattan and a few small metropolitan cities like DC Comic’s Gotham or Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Think small, but big. Stark skylights ripping into the twilight with a haunting raven crest.  A melting pot for the wicked.
Flanked onthe East by a lush forest and located on a peninsula jutting into the heart of Bethesda Bay, New Gotham is frequent for tourists. Especially the kind with heartbeats and a sense of adventure. Spring and summer brings markets, festivals and fairy circles. Winter brings the fashion crowd and the theater divas to the vibrant art scene.  Whether it’s to learn about the paranormal creatures stalking it’s cracked and cobbled streets, or pick up that love charm, there’s a vice for every wicked heart in New Gotham.
But first, don’t forget…
1. Chocolate and Other Essentials
If you’re looking for an antique bakery, Hell’s Kettle is the rabbit hole to jump into. If you’re looking for fine Indian dining, check out Serpentine Spice. Looking for a dive bar? Check out the Butcher’s Bucket. There are restaurants aplenty in New Gotham, but always ask what kind of meat was used to prepare any meal you enjoy in our fine city. Oh, and we don’t advise tipping less than twenty percent.
The witches frown on it.
Also, don’t forget to pack any late-dawn snacks (like CHOCOLATE!) that you might want to nibble on. Most of the city shuts down during the day.
What are you looking at? People have to sleep, man.
2. Currency and Trade
We take American dollars,
Roman denarii, Atlantian pearls, and first born children. Sometimes, you will even run into circumstances where payment is exchanged by way of trade. Various things are traded. Sometimes, it’s drugs from Wuthering Wonderland. Other times, it’s a slab of glittering textile offered to a brownie in exchange for their hard work. 
In the case of trade, if the transaction is completed (as in you’ve got their stuff, and they’ve got yours)—it’s over. Once something is traded, consider it lost.
Unless, you’re willing to fight for it…
3. Stakes and Silver Rounds
There are monsters everywhere. Please brush up on your mythology and prepare accordingly. Do note that holy water does nothing but make perfectly dry things wet, and silver crosses are considered cute, festive décor. The smell of garlic is still repulsive, but, really—isn’t it always? Oh, and please for our sake and yours, do NOT mention ANYTHING that sparkles. We won’t be able to save you!
4. Gloves for Love
Granny Sole’s shoe is being  devoured by orphans. Help us help her AND lower state and federal taxes, be responsible and safe. 
(Of course, monsters pay taxes. Death and taxes–not even
we escape.)
5. A Sense of Adventure
Vampires, trolls, brownies. Gay and straight people, brown and blue people, people who wear tiny hats—there is diversity in the city of the damned. There’s magic, fairy tales, sinister dark humor.  Anyone who visits usually ends up captured or naked during their stay and every story that unfolds in New Gotham is told ala Grimm-style and lovingly served with tea and cake. Enjoy!
A Helpful Luggage Check List
for New Gotham Tourists
  • Bunny Slippers (Very important)
  • Toothbrush (Very, very important)
  • Rusty Machete (A butcher knife works.)
  • Your good robe
  • A tea cup
  • Your three favorite books, a copy of Grimm and Hans Fairy Tales (If you don’t have the fairy
    tales, don’t fret. We supply tourists with those tomes. They’ll be in hotel nightstands where one would normally find the Bible.
  • F#ck-me pumps/boots
  • Chocolate
  • An autograph book
  • Small caliber weapon and plenty of silver bullets
  • Fresh knickers (Count the days you’ll be staying and multiply by two. Plan for a few pairs to get ripped and/or go missing.)
  • A first-aid kit
  • Gothic threads (Don’t have any? Check out the New Gotham Survival Guide, for local boutique listings!)
  • A masquerade mask and your D20 dice (You never know...)
  • Good silver stake
  • Camera (Please turn off the flash. It blinds the pixies.)
  • Rubber duck
  • Charger for all electronic devices—especially the e-reader
  • A notarized will (It should be carried in your pocket like identification papers.)
We hope to see you soon!
(Don’t forget the chocolate.)

Fancy a tour of New Gotham? Check out New Gotham’s Survival Guide! It might save your life! 

Twas the Darkest Night
A New Gotham Novel
A Sinister Stiches Spin-off
Sophie Avett
Genre: Erotic Gothic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Skeleton Key Publishing
Date of Publication:  March 15, 2014
Number of pages: est. 355 pages
Word Count:  est. 160, 000
Cover Artist: Elaina, For the Muse Designs
Book Description:
Remember the story about the troll who lived under the bridge—yes, well, that twit didn’t have to pay rent.
Owner and operator of Bits and Pieces, and resident expert on charms and glamours, Elsa Karr is a witch with a sour frown and a list of things to do as long as Thor’s hammer. Top of the list is saving her father’s shop from ruin. If she isn’t trying to claw her way out of debt, she’s arguing with her cat, Fenris, or shoveling carts of cake into her gob. She’s not interested in romance or the vampire who rents the flat above her shop. All she wants is a little peace and chocolate–fine, all right! All right! The vampire is kind of screw all cute. (Curse him.)
The disgraced son and heir of the Wingates House vampire clan and a mad-man to boot, Marshall Ansley spends most of his time working and dodging his mother’s phone calls. Marshall is beyond family. He’s beyond everyone, actually. Don’t be daft, he especially doesn’t do…Christmas. But behold, the plague brings an original flavor of annoyance this year when his boss tasks him with acquiring the account of a recluse fey and her upcoming Gothic clothing boutique, Sinister Stitches. That is the ONLY reason he’s bothering with his shrewish landlord. No, that’s it. No…really. Fine, if you insist, the witch might be a tad bit…all right, she’s adorable. (Damn her.)
Scrooge meets Scrooge. Dominant meets Dominant. Tempers…spark. In each other, they may unfold a tale that only comes to pass on the darkest of nights.

About the Author:
Sophie Avett is kind of a nerd. Like not even one of the cute, hip ones everyone brags about nowadays. More like the socially awkward hippie who eats way too much bread and dreams about being a dragon from behind towers of mythology books. Um…yeah. Picture old, tattered paperbacks and comic books–mostly Batman and Wonder Woman–dwarfing a tiny desk, with just barely enough room for the troll who writes there and the 70 pound hell-hound that insists of laying it’s wet nose on top of her bare foot.
Granted not the most exciting existence, but she tries to make up for it by writing romances populated with her own peculiar ilk of paranormal beasties.  Trolls, wyverns, the obscure Nordic brownie–she likes to keep things interesting. And bloody. (And mostly naked–but, we’ll keep that bit between us.)
Sophie Avett loves to hear from her readers. (Hi, mom.) So if there’s something on your mind, feel free to leave a message after the scream.
(Mom, seriously…you can just call me.)
Brimstone Pub, the Blog:


a trip to New Gotham!
A paid vacation to New Gotham is an expensive affair. So, the ravens have decided to cover the cost of travel and fashion this delightful “Carriage Charm.”
“Naked wizards and scheming vampires? Where do I sign?!” all the witches scream and random sparks of black magic crackle across the ceiling.
We’re getting to that, dearies…
An Appointment for Tea with Mrs. Potts the Storymaven (aka Fairy Godmother) will require the use of the earrings the pixies have fashioned out of raven skulls,
AKA, “Raven Ear-wings.”
The baubles should land the winners in New Gotham’s clock-tower square.  It could be that they do nothing at all. Or
you might end up in oblivion. Good luck with that. The crickets will read about
it in the papers, no doubt.
“What do I have to do?” everyone screams and waves their good silver stakes in the
air. (Good girls.)
to Win the Vacation of a Lifetime…
You have to fill out information in the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of the tour stops
a Dress from Sinister Stitches!
Sophie Avett’s ravens have partnered with the Witches-Who-Stitch to offer a special prize. It’s a dress featured in Sophie’s upcoming release, ‘Twas the Darkest Night. The sinister witches made it special for Elsa but after many carts of
cake offered to the trinity in sacrifice, they have agreed to stitch an exact replica for one lucky witch.
“What do I have to do?!” everyone screams and fails theirs arms like deranged daisies. (Just go with it.)
to Win a Dress…
You have to sign up via the Rafflecopter form that will be posted at the bottom of each and every Sinister Stitches Tour Stop
At the end of Sophie Avett’s Bewitching Book Tours campaign (March 17 to March 31 2014) the ravens will announce a winner and gather that witch’s measurements via email.
What are you waiting for?
Every girl needs a dress for a wicked fairy tale.

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