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THIS GIVEAWAY HOP will be International.

It was four years ago this week I started to blog.  It’s the longest I have stuck to anything besides my marriage, so let’s get all shiftery and howl at the moon.   I could try to figure out a way to link the two – the anniversary and the hop, but I think I will, for once, shut up and go with the flow!

For this event I am offering a $10 Gift Code to Amazon or B & N OR , for international entries, up to $10 books from the Book Depository (You must live in a location where the Book Depository ships free).

All entrants must be 18 or older; void where prohibited.

We seem to love shifters and werecreatures right?  Sometimes the terms “shifter” and were animal are used interchangeably and other times they are to distinguish between two species.

For example, in Patricia Briggs world, Mercy is a coyote shifter and the shift is magical and instantaneous, whereas the werewolves have a painful bone and skin change to undergo.

Sometimes shifters can become almost any animal: like Sam in the Sookie Stackhouse series, whereas the were animals can only becoome one kind of animal.

Sometimes the were-animal creatures are only apex predators, but in Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series everything from rats and swans, all the way up to Lions and tigers is represented.

Sometimes the were creatures have a half-changed form: for example a man – wolfman  or wolf.

What kind of things can happen and whether a character  is born were/shifter or made is up to two things:

1.  Convention

If there are both shifters and were animals in a story there should usually be a difference in how a person goes from human form to animal form, how the person comes to be shifter or were (born, bitten, enchanted), whether or not they are moon-called (often shifters are free of the moon’s influence where were-animals are ted to the moon’s cycle).  Werewolves, or other creatures seem to have real issues with silver.

Beyond this, we have certain conventions to wereanimals and shifters that are about creation, pack versus non-pack based on natural species tendency, life expectancy and healing (these have a pretty wide range, but were animals tend to be longer lived and can heal quickly by changing form).

2. The writer’s imagination and world-building.  As long as world-building is consistent and non contradictory a writer can adopt or leave conventions, and make a creature of their own devising.

One things before, shifters and other magical creatures are super reading!

I am “Shifting Gears” here to thank you all for coming by -whether you visit all the time or just came by today I reall appreciate you.

So to enter the giveaway.  Please answer ONE or MORE of the below questions and enter using the rafflecopter form.   You don’t have to respond to all of them.

What’s your favorite shifter or were animal?
Do you like shifters who can change into anything. or do you prefer the one person/one animal model?
In what book or series do your favorite shifters live?
Since this also my blogging anniversary I would love to know how you ended up visiting Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust?

Please comment  on one or more of the above questions in the comments section and use the rafflecopter form to enter. 

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