Liliana Hart’s THE MACKENZIES: A Lot of Testosterone for One Book


512vHC7W0FL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Dane, Thomas, Riley, Cooper, a MacKenzie Family Christmas
by Liliana Hart
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform/Liliana Hart
August 5, 2011
298 pages
Blogger Purchase:  I bought this Omnibus of five MacKenzies’ novellas in one volume at Authors After Dark from Liliana herself. I am sorry to say it is not really available in the edition I bought , but there’s a new snazzy cover edition available at Amazon for

New Cover At Amazon
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kindle, print and audible, and it is available in print at Barnes and Noble.

They also seem to be available separately under each brother’s name and the Christmas volume.

Enjoy the first five MacKenzie stories in one volume!

Bad boy, Dane MacKenzie, is coming home to Surrender, Montana. It’s been ten years since he left the woman he loved behind to make a name for himself, and now he’s bound and determined to claim her once and for all.

Cat Randolph is the best cat burglar in the world. But when a job goes wrong and she’s shot, it’s Doctor Thomas MacKenzie that comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to keep secrets when you’re risking the life of someone you love.

Riley MacKenzie is one of the world’s leading experts on Egyptian artifacts. But when Maggie Lawrence walks into his life with a priceless stolen artifact and bad guys on her trail, he has no choice but to whisk her away to the safety of Surrender, Montana.

Claire Drexel has loved Cooper MacKenzie since she was fourteen years old. But being ten years older, he’s never seen her as anything more than a kid sister. So she decides to take matters into her own hands. It’s not a secret that Cooper is a heavy player in the BDSM scene, and Claire decides what Cooper needs is the perfect bottom to his top. Only she gets more than she bargains for.

A MacKenzie Christmas
Grant MacKenzie is ready to settle down and start a family. The only problem is the one woman he’s interested in doesn’t seem to be ready for the long haul. But fate lends Grant a helping hand in getting exactly what he wants under his Christmas tree.

My Take!

There were a lot of women standing in line for these MacKenzie boys at Authors After Dark, so I thought I should buy one.  After reading the stories I can say that they are erotic romance leaning heavily towards the simple designation “erotica,”  but with interesting and unusual, but not fully developed, story components.

An example of interesting and unusual:  Riley is an archaeologist and the whole stolen artifact thing is fascinating. When they are stuck in a snowstorm at his brother’s apartment they waste no time before exploring  some other kinds of  treasures.

Basically, although the bones of a story are there, but they are all thinly veiled, pure erotica: The time from introduction to the bedroom, wall, or counter top is a few scant pages; regardless of the woman’s resolve.  And, if the woman is pissed off, the turnaround time on that is record setting. You cannot hold a grudge for ten years and have it erased by a couple of orgasms and a huge cock. Sorry.  I’m not that quick to forgive. Are you?

And, have we learned nothing from Hollywood stars meeting and getting married after a five minute courtship? It’s too fast.

Am I saying that is bad? No, I am merely saying that you should read these knowing there is very little “real life” to them, and possibly even less real sex. This is porn star sex we’re talking about here.  The guys are all too happy to find they are plowing virgin, or nearly virgin, soil. They’re experienced though, oh yeah.

Because these were issued as novellas and then combined, it’s fair to say a few similarities crept by that wouldn’t be as apparent in novellas. First the epiphany each man has that this is his one, true love is almost instantaneous. And, two of the women rub cream on their faces as part of their toilette and hate coffee.  By the way, The MacKenzie Family Christmas is definitely not “family” in a PG 13, or even the R, Rating way.

These issues aside, if you go in expecting lots of hot sex  — hot, fantasy sex, then this is fun, fairly well done erotica.  It isn’t overly vulgar, and the characters treat each other with affection and respect.   So, as Erotica I think it’s a good bet.

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