THE HEIRESS by Lynsay Sands: Audio Book Review and Audio Library Tryout


The Heiress Audio Cover
Madison Sisters #2
by Lynsay Sands
Harper Collins/Avon 2/22/2011
Mass Market PB  E-Book and Audio (June 28, 2011) Formats Pages: 384
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Maine Info Net Download ISBN: 9780062112996 ASIN: B0058FJLY8
Harper Audio Release date:Jun 28, 2011
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Faye Adelle (Narrator) (cover to left must be from a different edition than the one I had)

This was a library  audio book download.  No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Desperately seeking a husband…

Suzette is not like other heiresses; she wants a poor husband. A gentleman who will be so grateful for her dowry that he will allow her access to her dowry so she can help pay off her father’s gambling debts. When this alluring beauty encounters Daniel Woodward—handsome, titled, single…and even more impoverished than she could have hoped for—it seems Suzette’s wildest dream has come true.

But Daniel has not been truthful. Tired of being accosted by an endless stream of vapid coquettes and their fortune-hunting mothers, Daniel has decided to plead poverty to stop them in their tracks. Yet here is a most refreshing and delectable lady who claims to be thrilled by his penury. Now all Daniel has to do to find true happiness is to keep a little white lie alive…while avoiding a dastardly villain who’s determined to prevent this union by any means necessary.


My Take!

There are a couple of reasons why I downloaded and listened to this book.  Many states, including Maine, have an inter-library electronic and audio book downloading programs and I wanted to check mine ours out, in particular how it worked with audio books.  And, I have wanted to read one of Lynsay’s historical novels because I enjoy her Argeneau series so much.  SO, I saw the heiress and after a little time figuring out how to get the audio book onto my Kindle Fire HD, I was able to listen to it on the proprietary  app needed to use the library audio book.  The app is not as nice as the Audible app; mostly because you can’t change the speed and it’s frustrating to know I can read so much faster than the narrator could speak. But, as a library download it has the advantage of being absolutely free!

I liked the way the narrator gave personality to the female characters in the book, but thought several of the male characters could have been better distinguished from each other. I also found her phrasing weird. For example even in the first couple of sentences. I would read this as

Suzette Madison nodded silently at her sister’s comment as she peered out the carriage window at the bustling activity on the streets they were passing through.

But Ms. Adelle reads it as if she thought the sentence had ended, or the page had turned, or there was a comma.

Suzette Madison nodded silently at her sister’s comment/ /as she peered out the carriage window at the bustling activity on the streets/ /they were passing through.
  ( The Heiress by Lynsay Sands)

That was kind of minor, but it did occur more than this one time and threw me a little each time. Perhaps that’s a strategy to help the listener stay focused on the recording; I find it rather easy to be distracted.

This is a Regency (I assume) romance and a mystery-thriller as well.  Sands writes in the plot layers well. The thing about mystery is anything you reveal is a spoiler.   One thing I noted was the presence of a strong maternal figure in Daniel’s mother.  It reminded me very much of Marguerite Argeneau’s position in Sands’ other series.

While money and marriage are both important themes in the story, the often found trope of the injustice of primogeniture is not the problem here even though it is true that she had to find a man who would let her control her money once they were wed.

The love story is nice and Daniel and Suzette are very, um, passionate.  There is a period where you feel Suzette’s emotional state as much as the character would.   Sands is really good at emotionally evocative writing.  Suzette and Daniel are very different individuals neither are weak, or dependent type individuals, but I think Suzette is the smarter of the two.

The audio helped me with the dialogue I often find hard to believe in reading.  I will be reading and think, “No one would say that!” But the audio gives you that. And at times the thriller aspect of the story kept me listening, I actually listened to the last chapter while I did my grocery shopping on Tuesday.  So it is an exciting quandary the characters get into.

I enjoyed it a lot and I would read, or listen, to another of Lynsay’s hisoricals as eagerly as I await her Argeneau series!

My library and the State of Maine use OverDrive;  You can find it HERE

I am posting a bit on Gretna Green the elopement locale often mentioned in Romance Novels tomorrow, so be sure to drop in.

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