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Percolate by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Let Your Best Self Filter Through

by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Formats: Paperback, E-books
Publication Date March 2014
Disclosure: Galley provided by publisher and author for review purposes via NetGalley. No Remuneration received and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.  Author is a friend.

glass half full

Is there a voice inside of you that’s urging you to make changes and seek a richer, more fulfilling life?

Do you feel like you’ve been searching for something more meaningful, even if you don’t know exactly what it is?

Have no fear—Percolate will show you how to let your best self filter through and thrive!

In this empowering, heartwarming—and often humorous—book, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino will help you wake up to what’s possible, allow your heart and mind to simmer with fresh ideas to achieve your goals and enhance your well-being, and enable your spirit and passion to rise to the top like the foam on your latte.

Elizabeth will guide you through the Percolate ProcessTM, a nine-point plan she developed with Dr. Katie Eastman that teaches you how to implement positive changes to excel in every aspect of your life. It’s simple, practical, and fun!

Go ahead . . . grab a cup of your favorite joe, put your feet up, and start percolating. Ah, can’t you just taste the inspiring brew as your most powerful thoughts blend together to bring the authentic, best you to the world? (


In 2009, through the Junior League of Portland, I met my friend Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino.  Elizabeth is a former Mrs. Maine and probably the most genuinely positive person I know. Around the time we met, she started the Best Ever You website, network and universe.  If there’s something positive and helpful it is often the case that she is involved.  Now, you all know me well enough to know that I write critical but civil reviews of friends’ writings as well as those of  people I have never communicated with. So, when I unreservedly say something is good and that I think it is worth your time and money, I mean it.

Elizabeth has had some big time struggles and big time joys: four boys, divorce, remarriage to a super guy, life threatening illness, serious family illnesses, modeling and acting, speaking, running a company (  Yet, in all the time I’ve known her she’s been bubbly, gregarious, and full of energy. Oh yeah, she’s gorgeous too.

Now, on top of all of that she’s written a book, PERCOLATE: Let Your Best Self Filter Through.  Maybe her life works so well because she is not afraid to try new things and she doesn’t insist that she is perfect. In fact, this is the most unusually voiced, and possibly the best, self-help book I have ever read.  From the beginning, Elizabeth sounds so real in her writing. She doesn’t mince words and she tells it like it is. Being positive doesn’t mean you don’t have issues: no one’s life is all kittens and rainbows. This passage especially spoke to me as I was about to make an appointment for some botox:

Age sometimes chisels away at your confidence. Wrinkles appear, bustlines lower, thighs bubble, and body parts hurt When you’re younger there is a different type of deterioration of your self-confidence. I may be from a rejection, or many rejections, or maybe it’s someone’s  comment that lingers in your head leaving you feeling awkward or embarrassed.


Until PERCOLATE I had never seen a self-help book where the writer admitted to letting those comments bug her. Usually I hear, “don’t take it personally, : which marginalizes my feelings and makes me feel even worse, not only am I criticized my the person who commented in the first place, I have even failed some type of test of emotional strength by “letting it get to me.” or “taking it personally.”

I immediately wanted to read on.

Like the best self-help books, PERCOLATE isn’t too long. The philosophy is simple and easy to understand and set forth with a coffee analogy.  No one out there likes coffee, right?

I asked Elizabeth to come by and talk about her own struggles and victories; especially with this brutal winter from which we are just now emerging. I know a lot of us are struggling with all kinds of issues, so is Elizabeth. It’s worth a look to see how she makes it work and how she turns adversity into a force that moves her forward.


Guest Post Section Label 2

Endless Winter


by Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino

I’d like to take a moment and thank Stephanie for asking me to be a guest blogger today.  She asked me to write a little something on how to stay positive through this never-ending winter we seem to all be faced with. As the days turned a bit sunnier and the snow melted, I kept thinking to myself that this subject might not be timely and I think I can hear you Californians chuckling from here!  It was a bit hard to think about what to write, especially after returning from a sunny, warm stay in Denver. Then something happened.  It snowed.

 In mid-April, here in Maine, it snowed.

I texted some friends some photos and they thought I was kidding around.  I wasn’t.

In my social media that morning, what is normally, “Good Morning from Maine! #Gratitude” quickly was followed by the word UGH!!!!!! In my head, even though I didn’t write it.

Let me say it a bit louder… UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!  UGH!!

So I found myself paying close attention to my feelings, that weren’t so very positive in that moment and felt I needed to make a choice right then and there to let the wind, snow and bitter April cold get the best of me or make a different choice to find the gratitude and love.

So much to be grateful for:  Life, breath, a new Hay House book released a few days prior, happy kids, and so forth… and abundance of gratitude, right?

Yet, the weather nagged me.  I had developed a joke saying to myself a few weeks ago that I was going to adamantly put my winter coats away in an effort to force and demand spring happen.

Well, in those moments of deciding that I needed to go the store that day, I had to drag out my coat (the warmest one because of the wind) when I went out.  I believe I may have even said a few choice swear words to it, at it, for it and to the weather Gods who were messing with my budding, icy daffodils.

I was proud I was going to venture out.  I was going to ignore the weather to some extent, that is, until I reach my car.  You see, we had left the cars out of the garage.  It had been nearly 65 or so the days prior, so we didn’t think twice about parking leaving them outside.

Ahhh, the car.  Covered in snow and ice.  Remember it’s mid-April.  I couldn’t find the ice scraper.  I think I threw that in with the coats when I put those away.  So there I was, clearing the snow and ice off of my car with a rolled up umbrella.   Quite a moment.  I began laughing.  I don’t know why.  Something is still and just was funny to me.

I’m in Maine.  It’s April.  I have a super heavy winter coat on and I’m clearing off the snow and ice on my car with an umbrella.  I’m a vision.  It’s very funny.

I’m Percolating.  With my coffee in hands (Yes to keep them warm!!)  I’m Percolating.  I realize I have decided to let my best self filter through and not be a victim to circumstances around me.  I’m laughing with my coffee, icy umbrella, parka and daffodils.

We each have a choice of what to do when life throws us curveballs – even icy, snowy ones.

In Percolate-Let Your Best Self Filter Through, I teach about a 9 point plan called The Percolate Process.  They are 9 points you can apply and use in your life to help you manage change and bring a positive, thriving you to most circumstances.

They are:

1.       Accept That Change is Brewing
2.       Select a Bold Brew
3.       Create Your Own Best Blend
4.       Grow from Bean to Brew
5.       Brew Strength
6.       Expresso Yourself
7.       Chillax and Have an Iced Coffee
8.       Buy the Next Round
9.       PERCOLATE Peace


Now, I’m not certain I would have loved an iced coffee in the moments described above, but point 7 really refers to the laughter.  In my case, I began just laughing at myself for packing up the coats and trying to force the future with my Jedi-Spring Percolating Mindset.

As I look out of the windows of my office today, I see nothing but sunshine and snow piles.  It looks soooo sunny and beautiful outside.  It almost looks warm enough for shorts.  You know, the kind of shorts you wear when the temperature reaches 40.  Hooray!

I’m having a giggle because I unpacked some of the coats and found the ice scraper, just in case.

It’s all pretty funny.

There is always something to be grateful for.  There is gratitude in each and every moment.

You can be grateful you have a car to scrape ice from.  You can be grateful you have a coat to put on when it’s so cold.  You can be grateful you are alive and breathing and go from there to begin your day, ice and all.

It’s all in how you look at things and frame your mindset and perspective.

Give thanks to all moments.

Hugs and Happy Percolating!!

Elizabeth is giving away FIVE print copies of PERCOLATE!
Open to US Shpping and you must be at least 18 years of age.
To enter you need 1. use the rafflecopter form and 2. make a comment  ask Elizabeth a question, make a comment of your own or pick one or more of the following ideas. The answer will have no bearing on your chances of winning.
1.  Do you read self-help books? I mean;  when you have an issue, is a book where you would turn; or do you use them to inspire you?
2. What do you think of the coffee analogy?
3.  Has this winter made you less than your usual self?
4. Is the glass half full or half empty?

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