April Reading & Writing Round Up!

Time Flies huh?  Around here the snow flew, even in April.   I hied my sorry self to Southern California for a week of sun in the fun but had disappointingly chilly days and found the beach I walk most, Manhattan Beach, tarry. BTW, in a pinch a lip balm will dissolve tar when you don’t have any baby oil on hand. Our last weekend we stayed in downtown LA and visited LACMA. From our hotel we could see the Hollywood sign in the distance and we got to eat at Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant WP 24.


Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have had a lot of trouble with my theme and WordPress.  And, finding the time to learn this stuff is nearly impossible if I want to have ay life at all away from the internet. I may have to get a new theme because I can’t update this one.

Here’s what I read in a Gallery Format with links to my review in the captions.  I read 20 books this month taking me to 75 so far this year:



I also featured a Guest Reviewer Michelle Willms who reviewed A MURDER OF CROWS for me.
I used this header for the review:A Murder of Crows Review Banner

And, I had several other guest posters this month, so far, Clair Ashgrove will be my guest on Wednesday talking about her latest Templar Knights Book.
To date we’ve seen


I participated in the SPRING FLING hop,  I currently have a great giveaway on for Dani Harper’s STORM BOUND and I am giving away the HEARTS OF THE ANEMOI series.  And, I did two It’s A History Thing posts; don’t forget you can always ask me about a history issue either in the comments or in the features page contact form:
Gretna Green, The Las Vegas of 18th and 19th C. Britain?

Where Did All Those Young Men Go? British Wars

I created a total of 25 banners this month and I love the new banner I made for my renamed history feature: It’s easy to see all the banners by clicking on the house symbol in my navigation strip and looking through the pages. I hope you enjoy them:

I started to create icons for posts. I have not been using them consistently.  They are supposed to be my impressions of a book — what stood out, what was it’s theme, what’s it about, etc. These are the ones I have created so far.  Do you like this or is it just extra work that does nothing for you?  If you aren’t digging it there’s no sense in doing it!  If you are into it, what icons would you like to see?

That about winds up my April! Be sure to come by tomorrow and Wednesday for my review of Caroline Linden’s IT TAKES A SCANDAL and to see the awesomeness Claire Ashgrove’s prepared!

And, as always, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for visiting Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust. I put a lot into this and it’s only worth it if you’re coming by!

Love Ya’!
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