Spring Fling Blog Hop: My Spring Time Top Five

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This is a four day hop.  Maybe it will usher in an actual spring around here!
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Up here we call spring mud season.  I try to avoid anything unpaved as  a walk along a dirt road can rapidly ruin one’s shoes! You end up doing spring cleaning whether you want to or not.  We even have rooms called Mud Rooms that allow a transition from the muddy exterior to the clean interior.  I don’t recall having those growing up.

I like a lot about Spring and my top five things are:
5. Return of spring veggies and the knowledge that the Farm Market will open soon.
4. Being able to open a window to refresh the house.
3.  Pussy Willows and Witchazel in bloom help me think about my gardens with enthusiasm.  That enthusiasm will wear off by mid-July so I have to appreciate it while I have it.
2.  Easier to travel anywhere!
1.  The best thing about SPRING is the return of the light.  It’s great to have the daylight last so much longer.

For me this giveaway is a chance to clean up some of the mountain of books I have received from publishers and authors.    This week I am offering two winners two books from the choices below. The first winner drawn will receive their choice of two books and the second winner drawn will receive their highest ranked available choices  from what is left.

Books will be sent via Media Mail to US ADDRESSES ONLY. You must be at least 18 to enter.
Did I hear you ask what books I am giving away?

Here’s a picture!

Spring_Fling Prize

All are new except THE COUNTESS CONFESSIONS which I just finished reading and posted a review for Sunday!


A countessconfessBoscastle Affairs Novel
by Jillian Hunter
Penguin February 2014

All Emily Selwick wanted was to convince the man she had adored for years that she was the woman he ought to marry. She never expected that her ill-fated deception at a party would uncover a scheme against the Crown and ensnare her in the sensual trap of an enigmatic stranger.

Damien Boscastle, the Earl of Shalcross, knows he must marry Emily to defend her honor and keep his mission secret. But, by saving her reputation, he will draw her into his arms as well as a dangerous intrigue.

After a whirlwind courtship that leaves her breathless, Emily finds herself wed to a husband who vows not only to protect her from his menacing world—but to train his wife in the pleasures of passion. Penguin/Signet


ShadowsCurseThe Imnada Brotherhood #2
by Alexa Egan
Pocket/Simon and Schuster September 2013

Can desire’s magic defeat the powers of darkness?
Forced by her half-brother to use her dark gift of necromancy for profit, lovely Callista Hawthorne is determined to flee to her one chance for safety, her aunt in Scotland. With no hope of success unless she finds help on the long road north, she offers cursed shape-changer David St. Leger an irresistible bargain.

David—one of the mysterious Imnada—stalks the night streets of Regency London as a large, black wolf. Renounced by his own kind, he spends his desperate rage on thieves and murderers. While Callista offers him escape from the terrible enchantment binding him, agreeing to her terms will force him into the treacherous world of the half-Fey Other, his clan’s ancient foes.

Drawn together by danger, David and Callista find passion in each other’s arms. But can they foreswear the centuries of enmity separating their two races, and find a love they dare not even imagine? http://www.alexaegan.com/shadowscurse.html


veiloftimeby Claire R. McDougall
Gallery Books
March 11, 2014

In the wake of her divorce, Maggie Livingstone leaves her native Glasgow to rent a holiday cottage at the foot of Dunadd, an ancient Pictish hill fort in the Scottish highlands, where the kings of Scotland were once crowned. There she is hoping to find time to herself to finish a post-graduate thesis on the witch burnings she started before her marriage.

But there is too much in Maggie’s past to allow for much peace and quiet: There’s her epilepsy for which a scheduled surgery might be her only chance of “normality;” there’s the recent death of her eleven year-old daughter, Ellie; there’s her teenage son, who left for boarding school when tensions at home became intolerable.

But most of all, there are those vivid dreams Maggie has in the deep sleep after seizures which make her draw only a fuzzy line between waking and sleeping. Dunadd, with its own vibrant history, starts to cross that line, and soon Maggie isn’t sure if she is only dreaming about her forays back to 735AD.

Fergus, the king of Dunadd’s recently widowed brother, certainly seems real enough to be more than a passing interest to Maggie. Sula the druidess paints quite a different picture of the pagan religion than Maggie had understood from her research. And then there is Fergus’s young daughter, who is so like her own daughter, Maggie can’t decide which world she belongs in.

Back in her own time, Maggie discovers in an ancient census that 735 AD was the year of a devastating earthquake at Dunadd. With the date of her surgery fast approaching, Maggie knows she has to get back to warn Fergus to take his daughter and leave the fort, that the era of his family’s rule at Dunadd is about to come to an abrupt end. http://clairemcdougall.com/Claire_R._McDougall/Veil_of_Time.html



Wulfe UntamedFeral Warriors #8
by Pamela Palmer
Avon/Harper Collins  January 28, 2014

The most enigmatic and tortured of the Feral Warriors, Wulfe is haunted by the quiet beauty of a human woman who no longer remembers him. Once a captive of both the Mage and the Ferals, Natalie stole a piece of his heart before he took her memories and sent her safely back to her fiancé. But now the Mage are threatening her again and Wulfe will risk anything to protect her.

Natalie Cash is stunned when she’s saved by a wolf who shifts suddenly into a splendidly built, if badly-scarred, man–a man with the kindest eyes. Swept into a world of intrigue and danger beyond her comprehension, she turns to the powerful Wulfe, finding a passion she’d only dreamed of. But when time runs out, they must trust one another and surrender to a wild, untamed love. http://www.pamelapalmer.net/books/wulfe.php



Kiss of TemptationDeadly Angels #3
by Sandra Hill
Avon Harper Collins March 26, 2013


Ivak Sigurdsson is dead…well, sort of. Guilty of the sin of lust, he’s been given an unusual penance: spend eternity as a Viking Vampire Angel, or Vangel, fighting Lucipires, Satan’s vampire demons on earth. Now sequestered in Angola Prison as a “spiritual advisor,” Ivak is finding all these centuries of celibacy depressing, to say the least. But then, along comes southern belle Gabrielle Sonnier. Is she a reward for his good deeds, or a temptation sent to rattle his lustsome brain?


Gabrielle, a lawyer, begs Ivak to help get her brother out of prison. Aided by the Cajun LeDeux family and their chief looney bird, Tante Lulu, Ivak reluctantly agrees. And while he alternately tries to seduce and save Gabrielle before the Lucipires run rampant, they both begin to wonder if it’s really only lust, or something more. https://www.sandrahill.net/KissOfTemptation.html


autumn RoseA Dark Heroine Novel
By Abigail Gibbs
William Morrow/Harper Collins 1/28/2014

Autumn Rose has the chance to save the world she loves. But how much will she have to sacrifice?

Autumn Rose lives in a sleepy seaside town, but buried deep under the surface of her quiet life are dark secrets. Her grandmother is dead, murdered eighteen months ago, and the vibrant London social scene in which she was brought up is a world away. Even worse, at her new school she is shunned and condemned––all because of the swirling marks on her skin that prevent her from blending in with the crowd.

Then the appearance at her school of a handsome young man—who has the same curious markings as Autumn—sends her world into turmoil. Suddenly the marks are deemed cool, and Autumn is thrust into the limelight. But her sudden popularity brings danger as her secrets threaten to come to light. And then there are her recurring dreams about a girl who is about to be seduced by a very dark prince . . . and Autumn must figure out how to save her before it is too late.  http://www.harpercollins.com/books/Autumn-Rose-Abigail-Gibbs/?isbn=9780062248756



On Midnight WIngs





As Dante Baptiste’s true identity as both True Blood and Fallen ripples throughout New Orleans, he and Heather struggle for their lives against different foes, fighting their way back to each other. To free herself from her father’s treachery, Heather accepts help from an ally–and steps into even greater danger. Dante, lost to his brutal past, wavers between his own sense of self and the Bad Seed-programmed S that lurks within, between the never-ending Road and the Great Destroyer. And the danger of becoming both.


Lucien searches frantically for the lovers, all too aware that time is running out. Dark forces continue to gather, eager to possess and manipulate the young vampire for their own ends. The fate of mortals, nightkind, and the Fallen pivots around Dante as he struggles to piece together his shattered psyche and gain control of his power before he rips all three worlds asunder. http://adrianphoenix.com/blog/makers-song-series/on-midnight-wings/

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Please comment on what your favorite thing about SPRING is!?!? If you hate spring – tell me you least favorite spring. If you don’t know what Spring is then winter has been tooooo long!

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