ONCE UPON A BILLIONAIRE: A Little “Tammy and the Millionaire” meets Cinderella

Once Upon a Billionaire

onceuponabillionaireBillionaire Boys Club
Jessica Clare
PENGUIN GROUP/InterMix April 15, 2014
E-Book est. 261 pages
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As a member of the royal family in a small European country, Griffin Verdi’s presence is requested at the wedding of the century. The scholarly billionaire feels out of his depth in social situations, so a good assistant is required—especially when dealing with royal etiquette.

Unfortunately for Griffin, he’s stuck with Maylee Meriweather, a pretty, charming, and thoroughly unsuitable woman who doesn’t know a thing about high society—but she sure can kiss. Her lack of polish may sink Griffin, because after all, even his money can’t buy class. But through Maylee’s eyes, he’s starting to appreciate the simple things in life—if simple means the most complicated woman he’s ever met.

Maylee is everything Griffin isn’t—and everything he wants—if he can let down his guard and step outside his sheltered world…


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square "my take"This is a funny and amusing story one could see as an HBO movie (for the racy scenes) and it reminded me of the old Tammy movies which starred Debbie Reynolds, Sandra Dee and in the late sixties was a TV Show/Movie, “Tammy and the Millionaire.” The plot here is also a little bit of Cinderella, minus the nasty stepmother and sisters.

This bit of nostalgia translates here to poor, sweet, honest country bumpkin (Maylee) in the Big City meets handsome, jaded, rich royal who finds his entire life of privilege tedious, Griffin Verdi, Viscount Montagne. But he is really an arrogant snob who while proclaiming distaste for his royal status also depends upon it.

Maylee, the country bumpkin who is a bit naive as well, also has that whole country wisdom thing happening with the ability to see the beauty of the simple things and point out the obvious hypocrisy of Griffin’s declarations versus his life style.  For example, he hates being royal, but remembers the protocol that nobody touches a royal.

The progression of the relationship is true to form and unsurprising but it’s told warmly and with a slow build of sexual tension and I actually enjoyed the story and modern twists to the trope. It’s one of those “guilty pleasure” books to lose yourself in on a sultry afternoon, or on the beach, in the tub or whatever and will take you back to the simpler time of youth when we all dreamed our princes would come and when someone could practice country medicine without a license or a lawsuit.

Just in case it is hard to imagine a country bumpkin with a heart of gold here are some stills with Sandra Dee from  from the 1961 film TAMMY TELL ME TRUE and 1963’s TAMMY AND THE DOCTOR (actor is Peter Fonda!). Or if you want to watch the whole first film with Debbie Reynolds you can find ir here: http://youtu.be/xQTDu425IOY. Another similar character would be Ellie Mae Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies.


Sandra Dee - ''Tammy Tell Me True'' 1961
Sandra Dee – ”Tammy Tell Me True” 1961 (Photo credit: Movie-Fan)
Sandra Dee, Peter Fonda  ''Tammy and the Docto...
Sandra Dee, Peter Fonda ”Tammy and the Doctor” 1963 (Photo credit: Movie-Fan)







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