The Sun-Po: My Week Three

The Sunday Post

This meme is hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This is my third week participating in the meme so I hope you enjoy it.

I am trying to switch my comments to the Disqus system, but have not gotten too far as the instructions make NO SENSE to me. Ugh!
People don;t seem to mind captcha anymore. There actually appears to be something wron:.  My blogs name is listed as moderating to someone else. I think I know who it is and that it is an innocent error.  This became important to me as my husband’s family, my family, suffered a rather shocking loss of his cousin’s husband.  I realized that I might have to take off fast without the ability to approve or respond to comments quickly. So if I don’t reply/approve quickly this is why and if  you see this you’ll know I figured it out!

I continued my participation through the Wicked Nights Hop although it was one of the lowest entries in a hop I have had since I began.  I wonder if it was because of it occurring at the same time as the Romance Times conference. I don’t know though. It seems like my page views are down lately too.

I also started a new “It’s a History Thing” topic of herbs in historic romances.  It was popular and allowed me to talk about one of my favorite love/hate relationships – my gardens. This coming week it will be about weeds – they weren’t always just weeds!

Guest Post Section Label 2
I started off the week with a great visit from Debbie Herbert author of THE SIREN’S SECRETS.  Her giveaway of a kindle copy of her book was fun and a lot of people came by to read about the practicalities of everyday mermaid life – sex and pocketbooks! And, she sponsored a giveaway too! THANKS DEBBIE!

Debbie HerbertSiren's Secret Cover










The Accidental DuchessIt Had to be You onceuponabillionaire








Need to be Graphic!



george3icon small-town-dynamic icon 1 Gambling Icon


Behind these icons:
Georgian:  So many Historical romances are placed in the Regency period: I now note whther it’s Regency, Georgian (and which George)  I was looking at pictures of King George III and noticed a remarkable similarity to George Washinton.  Probably the hair and painting style.

Small Town Dynamic: I love small town settings for the  (usually) friendly feelings of comfort and familiarity. Finding an image was another story. This is by Grant Wood, who painted AMERICAN GOTHIC.

Gambling: The British upper classes of the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods gambled like crazy — or do in books.

Extra Graphic: I made this for the herbal posts I am planning but realized I have an “It’s A History Thing” header already.  I like this and will include it with those posts though.

Various Historic pictures of Plants and their Uses


New Headers:


Siren's Secret Banner Once Upon a Billionaire Banner



Coming Up This Week

Monday: I look at SIXTH GRAVE ON THE EDGE from Darynda Jones!

Tuesday: I am back in the dirt with Weeds and History.

Wednesday: I have Amanda Usen’s newest story out from Entangled, SEDUCING THE PLAYBOY

Thursday: On Tour SUZANNE JOHNSON Guest Posts!