THE LADY MOST LIKELY is a Good Bet as an Audiobook

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By Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Connie Brockway
I listened to:
HarperCollins / HarperCollins e-books/Avon
Narration: Rosalyn Landor
Publication Date: 2010 Audio/Ebook/Paperback 384 Pages
Other Editions: Little, Brown Book Group Imprint:Piatkus (UK)
Publication Date: 2012

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Three of the brightest stars of historical romance invite you to a party at the country home of the Honorable Marquess of Finchley

Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, needs a wife, so his sister hands him a list of delectable damsels and promises to invite them—and a few other gentlemen—to her country house for what is sure to be the event of the season. Hugh will have time to woo whichever lady he most desires…Unless someone else snatches her first.

The invitation list includes:

  • The horse-mad but irresistibly handsome Earl of Briarly
  • The always outspoken Miss Katherine Peyton
  • The dashing war hero Captain Neill Oakes
  • The impossibly beautiful (and painfully shy) Miss Gwendolyn Passmore
  • The terribly eligible new Earl of Charters
  • The widowed Lady Georgina Sorrell (who has no plans to marry, ever)

And your hostess, Lady Carolyn Finchley, an irrepressible matchmaker who plans to find the lady most likely…to capture her brother’s untamed heart.

Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, needs a wife—so his sister hands him a list of the very best young ladies on the market. And then, because he refuses to tear himself away from the stables where he trains Arabian racehorses, she invites all those ladies to a house party, along with some other bachelors, of course. So who will Hugh choose?

The Botticelli-esque, enchanting Gwendolyn Passmore? The outspoken, delightful Kate Peyton? If he doesn’t work fast, he’ll lose those ladies to the Earl of Charters or Captain Neill Oakes, and then where will he look for a wife? Perhaps, just perhaps, toward a lady who’s not on a market at all, and would require a great deal of persuading…


square "my take"I enjoyed listening to this story. It seems a great bet for an audio book. The narrator did a great job with the voices, both male and female. I particularly liked her voices natural timbre when she wasn’t voicing a character. One thing I really like with the audio book was hearing the correct pronunciation of words
There are three stories in the collaborative novel. Each story, it seems, was written by one author although on her website Julia Quinn says they got together to plot the book (there’s a video on Julia’s website wherein she and Eloisa discuss writing the book Each story had a different feel and the breaks between the stories felt  abrupt.

I’ve said that I have a hard time concentrating on audio unless I have something else to do. I used the listening period for this book to mow my lawn, drive and do some demolition. It kept my attention throughout and made the highly repetitive demolition go much faster. I even found myself amused.

Like most romances this has a fairly certain outcome for each story, but, I wasn’t sure which guest would become the subject for each until they were underway. I did feel the research was done well, with period terminology being employed. While we are in the romance genre, it amazes me how much of women’s lives were about finding someone to marry. And, I thought it was interesting how naughty all the people at the party were. And fun! I like hearing the voices the narrator gives the characters and how it is given emotion without being acted.

I did feel the stories were somehow discontinuous and choppy feeling. In particular Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, in the preamble sounds prissy. But he is much manlier in his story. I liked the first two stories the most. But all in all it was a good and engaging group of connected short stories as an audio book; since I borrowed it from a audio library I did not pay for it and I don’t know that I would ever pay the $25 for any audio book. I can’t speak to it as a print book because that is not how I experienced it, and reviewing it as an audiobook feels more like reviewing it as a video than as a book –  I’m not sure how, but it is definitely different. But, as it kept me from being bored out of my skull as I completed mindless tasks I really appreciated it!


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