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The Sunday Post

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This is my chance to look back at my week and tell you how wonderful I am.

This week was pretty good.  My husband returned from his business trip and his flight almost arrived on time! We spent Saturday working in our yard and I pulled nails out of the porch.  I use the time in the yard and on the porch renovation to listen to audiobooks.

Sunday the weather was nice, if chilly, so we went to a local beach and walked about 5 miles.  I only found one piece of beach glass.

The other high point for the week (cough cough) is that my husband voluntarily scheduled and went for his second colonoscopy.  I’ve had close relatives refuse to have more than one when they turned fifty and then die from colon cancer which became inoperable because it went too long without diagnosis. I think this is one of those tests where it is just not that bad.  Think of it as a faddish juice diet without the juice!

Nevertheless, I held my breath until he came out of the procedure.  He is still a little loopy from the meds.  We’ll see what he remembers tomorrow.

So, this past week I had several guest posts and have had four giveaways: Suzanne Johnson is giving away a book from the Sentinels series or author swag and was international.  Margo Bond COllins publisher, Worldweaver press was giving away a copy of her new, debut novel LEGALLY UNDEAD, and Terry Spear is giving away three copies of JAGUAR HUNT.  And I am giving away BANISHING THE DARK by Jenn Bennett.  CHECK OUT THE GIVEAWAYS PAGE for my current giveaways. That’s six books in seven days being given away which I think is pretty cool and promotes reading!

My guests this week were Terry Spear, who I know from AAD and who writes amazing FACEBOOK POSTS and GREAT Wolf Shifters, Jaguar Shifters and Historical Novels.  In fact, she wrote a Wolf Shifter novel, LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF that was placed here in Maine. So, of course I read and reviewed  it. The book she is touring now is JAGUAR HUNT and it looks pretty hot.  Last fall Terry was posting a lot on Facebook about snakes that were in her house.  Yikes!  She also posts a lot of pictures of local wildlife like a roadrunner near her home and in her travels.  I began to think this interest in wildlife might have something to do with her interest in shifters. So I asked her about her wildlife experiences.   It sparked some really interesting comments!

Margo Bond Collins seem to have a new take on vampires.  And her character finds out her fiance is not who she thought he was; he wanted to be a vampire. Well, yes that’s fantasy, but a lot of us find out the person we love is not who we think he or she is and vampires are an interesting foil for that.  Check out her post and blurb on LEGALLY UNDEAD!

I reviewed the newest  book in the BLACK SWAN KNIGHTS Series by Victoria Danann, SOLOMON’S SIEVE. I really love the series although I mention I did not like her killing off a major character. But that means I cared!
I also reviewed BANISHING THE DARK by Jenn Bennett the fourth in the Arcadia Bell series. I found the story shocking!  I have an extra copy I am giving away in a contest HERE!!  I also reviewed an audiobook I borrowed from MaineInfo.net THE WOMAN MOST LIKELY, by Connie Brockway, Eloisa James and Julia Quinn, and yesterday (Saturday, June 7) I posted a review for HOW TO LOSE A DUKE IN TEN DAYS by Laura Lee Guhrke.  That book sparked an interest in trauma and mental illness in the Victorian period.

I created and composited some banners:

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I found I already had a lot of the icons I needed.   Here’s what I came up with for this week:

QUESTION MARKAre there icons you would like to see on Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust? Something to tell you quickly what a book is about? Interesting professions, genre, I would love to hear about them.

Coming up this week, I only have a couple of things scheduled:
Monday  I have an exciting new guest: TRACY SOLHEIM who writes steamy sports romance.  I know a lot of you love this exciting, action-filled genre so I wanted to have her come by! Includes a giveaway open to US and Canada shipping. Her newest book is RISKY GAME.

Tuesday, I have  an audiobook review of Jill Shalvis’ ALWAYS ON MY MIND.

Wednesday a review of BURN FOR ME by Lauren Blakely, an erotic short story. Includes a link to a tourwide giveaway.

Thursday I have a review of THE NAUGHTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB

Friday it’ll be REDEMPTION OF THE DUKE by  Gayle Callen

I hope you’ll drop by to see what’s new!!