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Kimba The Sunday PostThis meme is hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Thanks Kimba for hosting this fun meme that gives me a chance to look back and see what I did. Plus, I like sharing what I have been doing otherwise.

I have been getting audiobooks from a couple of publishers for about 3 weeks now.  The come on discs which require downloading to my computer , and depending on the format, can include several additional steps to get iTunes to treat them as books. It’s a lot easier when they’re in CD-Mp3 format.

I didn’t have a lot of time to listen until I felt comfortable going outside after the deer fly issue.  Without physical work to do I find it hard to listen to a book. Then the first book I listened to was off somehow.  The story was very complex, with a lot of different characters. Between that and the narrators accent I couldn’t even get through two chapters without feeling lost. I think it would have been readable as a book though.

Plus, I think I spent so much time listening and weeding with a few of the other books I was reading that there aren’t that many weeds left in my garden beds! I went out yesterday and saw one of those flies alight on my arm and I hightailed it back into my house!

For audio books, I switched to THE GAME AND THE GOVERNESS. Then on Wednesday my copy of BLOOD GAMES  arrived and I am going to have the tour here with my review and all kinds of fun on TUESDAY, JULY  29 (I’m so excited – Chloe’s on my autobuy list.).  I have to finish the audio book and start to read BLOOD GAMES.

And I went to Rhode Island with my husband who had business. We were testing a new cat sitter out as our last had life circumstances which prevented it being possible any more.

I had only been to RI once before. This time we went to an not-touristy area where my husband’s company has an office. I got to shop and read and work when he was at work. When we drove home to Maine on Friday most of Massachusetts was a parking lot moving around 50 mph. Then when we hit Portland, here in Maine we hit another and were able to get off the highway and drive some secondary roads home. It was backed up for a good ten miles.

You know, as much as I have had the opportunity to travel, there really is no feeling like walking in your own door and no place like home. Ahhhhh.

Looking Back:

Ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz - Smithson...
There’s no place like home.Ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz – (Photo credit: Tim Evanson)


Monday: ROCK STARS & VAMPIRE CARS: Featuring Pocket’s Mina Vaughn and Molly Harper

Tuesday: Two-Fer Tuesday on Sunday’s True Blood & Masters of Sex

Wednesday: Lynsay Sands’ TO MARRY A SCOTTISH LAIRD Review & GIVEAWAY  (Through Tuesday, July 29)

Thursday: Joey W. Hill’s Naughty Bits, Part 1: Is a Warm Up for a Hot Series

Friday: Social Bloggers GIVEAWAY Hop (through the 31st)

Saturday: STRADDLING THE LINE Lands on the Spicy Side


Here’s what’s up this coming week:


Blood Games BadgeMonday: The Game and the Governess


Rescue Me coverTHURSDAY: Jaci Burton’s RESCUE ME audio Book Review.

Friday and Saturday are still TBD, but the week after I am back at the easel taking a painting workshop for the first time in about 8 years. Then my mother comes to visit for a few weeks.


New Icons: This week was rich with possibility! But, it surprisingly hard to find hot men in kilts that I can use or  even buy and use. Where are all those Highlanders that we read about?



Headers for the week were fun, and I think I improved on the whole True Blood and Master of Sex two-fer day!

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I was surprised by a low response to one of my giveaways, but the others seem to go well!

Thank you for visiting and I wish you all a great week.