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This meme is hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Thanks Kimba for hosting this fun meme that gives me a chance to take stock tell you what’s up and what might happen in the future.

Personal Notes:

This past week it rained a lot which was fine by me, really, it had been quite dry.  Tuesday, it got dark like twilight around three in the afternoon and we had a thunderstorm that had some freaky close hits.  There was a microburst in the county to our south and a tornado up north.  In New England that  is a big deal! Fortunately, nothing like that happened around here and we did not even lose power. The power company has done a lot of work in recent years on trees locally that helps prevent that.

I got in two Pilates classes and a lot of cardio and other physical work.

My first dahlia of the season bloomed and it surprised me because it is early for them! They are the reddest red.
a red dahlia in my garden july 2014

After I took this picture on Friday,  I thought it seemed like a good day to mow the lawn.  I got to spend most of the rest of the day in the ER with a severe allergic reaction to deer fly bites for my good intentions.

You know in Twilight, when James bite Bella and the poison is coursing through her system, show much it hurts her?   That’s how it felt.  There were about 8 bites in addition to the 19 or so I had over the past few weeks.  Apparently I am now very allergic to these little fv©kers.  Where before it was kind of hypothetically thought that I might be allergic to bees or wasps now we know that I am really allergic to these.  My arm swelled up HUGELY.  I put ice on it and it swelled up more. I was told never to go outside without my new epipen. Ever.

We were able to keep our theater reservations for the Maine State Music Theater‘s production of SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS.  Great dancing, some really good performances and some a bit over the top. Interesting sets, great voices, but the props were AWFUL.  Regular bed blankets made of polyester worn to keep warm in the Oregon mountain winter. It was as if they just didn’t care about that and being the cranky and detailed oriented fool I am it really bugged me.  Otherwise it was really quite good.


Last Week:


A Graphic Account:


Well this past week I had mixed feelings about my graphics.   It’s tough to find graphics for TV Shows  that I can use in or out of the “fair use” (an allowance for reviewers) so my Twofer Tuesday felt flat. I still have a hard time when I collage in giving up part of one image for another.  I reused my History Thing feature banner for Thursday. I did create a new Sunday Post graphic using a picture from my view of the bed last Sunday. That is my actual bed. (above)

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I did create four new icons, Masked Identity, Scary Dreams Just a Little Steamy and Broken People.  The art for Scary Dreams is from Hieronymus Bosch’s the Garden of Earthly Delights. This artist has fascinated me since I visited the art museum in Belgium in 2000. This highly surreal painting is from the fifteenth century and is part of a triptych. At that time most art had to be religious or portrait oriented. But, what amazed me was the surreal component of the work. This man must have had some wild nightmares and big cojones to paint this way at the time.  To read more about him:

Calendar in a Crystal BallPrognostication for the week:

Monday: Mina Vaugh’s HOW TO REPRIMAND YOUR ROCK STAR and a revisit of Molly Harper’s DRIVING MR. DEAD. This is part of Pocket’s Star E-Nights promotion! It’s pretty cool so you will want to come by! I think I will be offering ecopies of both of these books in the Meet and Greet Giveaway Hop that begins on Friday.
Wednesday: TO MARRY A SCOTTISH LAIRD by Lynsay Sands, with Print copy Giveaway
Thursday:   NAUGHTY BITS 1 by Joey W. Hill
FRIDAY: Social Blogger Giveaway Blog Hop – great grand prize and blog prizes across the board!
Saturday: STRADDLING THE LINE by Jaci Burton

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