Sunday Post: This Past Week Was Hot!


This meme is hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Thanks Kimba for hosting this fun meme that gives me a chance to take stock tell you what’s up and what might happen in the future.

Personal Notes

My husband was out of the country last week so of course several fun things happened to the house and me.
When I was weeding on Sunday I got bitten by something. It may have been a flock of our state bird, the black fly,  a herd of horse flies,wasps or mosquitoes.  My upper arm swelled to the point that it was uncomfortable to have a sleeve over it. It finally abated on Tuesday, but I was miserable til then.

MotorkontrollleuchteFortunately, I was able to have lunch Wednesday with a dear friend I had not seen in a year. My check engine light came on on Monday, and the gas cap trick had not seemed to work, I decided that as I was 1/3 of the way there I might as well drive to the dealer to have them hook it to the computer and find the problem. I got there and turned the car off. Then, just on a hunch, I turned it back on. The light went off. It figures, right?

Also, Wednesday it got up to 87 degrees here! Yay, but I noticed the AC wasn’t coming on. Nothing I did helped.  To tell you the truth, I had never been in my attic where the condenser or whatever that thing is, lives. When I called the HVAC guy they told me to empty the drain pan.

My husband is in another country.  I am accident prone, and Murphy’s law seems to have orginated here. So, I called my friend to have her here in case I fell through the ceiling. I am so acident prone, that I took my wallet out and pointed it out to her because my insurance card is in it.
Frist, I tried to siphon the water; establishing a vacuum by sucking on the tube. Well, I was able to suck that tubing and get water, but some got in my mouth, ugh!!!! LISTERINE!!!!!!  We couldn’t sustain a siphon so we taped my thinner tube to her wet vac and it sucked all the water out in about five minutes. Disgusting water! Did I mention I got some in my mouth?  If I was really sick on Friday this is why.

The AC came back on and has been on ever since. Thank goodness.  My poor husband kept calling and emailing me with instructions. Of course since I was in the attic….

I was really glad to solve that and get a shower so I could send out prizes to winners of The Pursuit of Happiness giveaway, Janie M and Judith C. The boxes are in the mail!

Last Week on the Blog:

The week played out according to plan on the Blog at least with TWO GIVEAWAYS STILL HAPPENING (HERE fmi)!

Monday: SUMMER RAIN for R.A.I.N.N. = High Quality Authors Giving Back
Tuesday: Triple Tuesday Brief TRUE BLOOD recap and other Video seen lately: UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS
Wednesday: Diana Gabaldon’s new book WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEARTS BLOOD (OUTLANDER #8) Thought balloon: Kind of in tune with the Yankee Doodle theme.
Thursday  THE HUSBAND HUNT  by Lynsay Sands,
Friday: POISON PROMISE by Jennifer Estep WITH 2 copies to Giveaway
Saturday: Jill Shalvis’ new book THEN CAME YOU with a give away of RUMOR HAS IT &THEN CAME YOU!

Looking Ahead

Calendar in a Crystal BallI hope to listen to some more books — I had to let my bites heal a little before I could work in the yard again so I am psyched to “listen while I work” while wearing long sleeves.

Monday I’ll check out THE BARON NEXT DOOR and on Tuesday I will look at TRUE BLOOD and anything else of visual interest. After that,????

I would love to do a history post: Anyone have any questions about something in historical fiction, or even more contemporary? You can use the contact form in the features  tab above or just the contact form. It would be my pleasure, and I don’t have to identify you if you feel shy to ask.

Being Graphic:

In my banners for the week, WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD got a key to tell you what each picture represented.  Triple Tuesday was mostly inspired from the period  1936 to WWII in England when UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS is set. POISON PROMISE offered a dilemma of pictures giving away too much, plus I was struck by the Spider Rune, Jennifer’s character Gin has branded into her skin. There wasn’t much question about THEN CAME YOU having lots of animals in the banner. It is about vets after all.

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Icons: Funny some weeks I have the icons all ready made. Other weeks, not so much. And sometimes they are easy, like BBQ, Bloody, Alternate World, or American Revolution (although the pattern filling the letters took time.  Other times it’s a concept it is hard to find a picture for: Anthology for example. A search for “Anthology” is pretty useless. What I eventually came up with was three women pouring water into a container whence it emerges combined. SUMMER RAIN was an anthology put together as a fundraiser for R.A.I.N.N., The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. That’s another concept it is hard to find the right image for. I didn’t want to focus on the recipients of the funds raised, but, rather, the writers donating of themselves. Considering how much goes into writing a story, this is awesomely generous.