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Today, my guest is Jenn Lyons! Welcome Jenn!

Jenn Lyons lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, three cats and a lot of opinions on anything from Sumerian creation myths to the correct way to make a martini. At various points in her life, she has wanted to be an archaeologist, anthropologist, architect, diamond cutter, fashion illustrator, graphic designer, or Batman. Turning from such obvious trades, she is now a video game producer by day, and spends her evenings writing science fiction and fantasy. When not writing, she can be found debating the Oxford comma and Joss Whedon’s oeuvre at various local coffee shops.

Jen’s new book, BLOOD CHIMERA came out a few days ago from World Weaver Press, a fairly young independent press I have been seeing for about two years.

We’re all used to the usual villains: The Joker, Goldfinger, Dr. No, Freddy Krueger, Hannibal, The Master. But what about the ladies? Don’t we get to be bad as well? See what Jenn has to say!

First, here’s a bit about the book:


BLOOD-CHIMERA-coverby Jenn Lyons
Publication Date: August 12 • Paranormal Mystery
ebook & trade paperback, 360 pages


Some ransoms aren’t meant to be paid. Kidnap and Ransom negotiation used to be straightforward. The bad guys kidnap someone, and K&R expert Jackson Pastor negotiates their release, skillfully traversing a maze of bloodthirsty monsters: criminals, terrorists, police, and especially the FBI. But that was before he met real bloodthirsty monsters.

When Jackson Pastor arrives in Los Angeles to help a new client recover his kidnapped wife, he finds himself dropped in the middle of a 500-year-old war between rival European and Mexican vampire clans, a conflict that threatens to escalate into a full-on public gang war. Worse, Jackson hasn’t been brought to Los Angeles to be a negotiator. His new boss wants to turn him into an assassin. With Jackson about to be caught in the middle of a clan war, his only hope of escape may lie with a secret FBI monster-hunting task-force led by a very dangerous, eccentric wizard. Which could be a problem, since Jackson’s a monster himself.





guest post buttonby Jenn Lyons
I admit it: I have a real weakness for bad boys. I’m not just talking about rebels without a clue or the occasional scoundrel (although really, who doesn’t love the occasional scoundrel?) but the world conquerers, the masterminds, the men whose ambitions range into hubris and whose goals are driven by a past as black as midnight and strong as death. Magneto, Ras Al’Ghul, Cardinal Richelieu, Dracula – I love a man who thinks they’re doing the right things but goes about it in all the wrong ways.

So misunderstood. So sexy.

Batman_villains_The_Penguin_The_Riddler_The_Joker_1967These are villains who are articulate, urbane, cultured, and you just know they’re going to be fantastic in bed. I know I’m not alone in this: one only has to look at the popularity of fandoms centered around Loki or Hannibal to see that there’s a certain kind of allure in a certain kind of darkness.

But they’re all men, and I have to admit that after a while that started to bother me.

A part of me is quick to point out that I’ve hardly read every book, watched every movie – undoubtedly there are some fantastic female villains of the noble variety out there who have flown under my personal radar. I understand the new Malificent movie takes this approach, and one might argue Days of Future Past comes close with Mystique’s fight for mutant rights. The Lady from Glen Cook’s Black Company books also qualifies. Still, it seemed to me that this is an archetype that we give often to men, and to women almost never.

Which is why I made Lucy Belogh (the vampire who takes K&R expert and fledgling vampire Jackson Paster under her wing) female.

Since BLOOD CHIMERA is a paranormal mystery, I should probably add this isn’t much of a spoiler: her identity as a femme fatale is made obvious early on. Her motives, however, go far beyond the sort of sex/jealousy/revenge angles that one typically sees in that archetype. In Lucy, I wanted to engender the same sort of arrogance and entitlement normally reserved for male masterminds. She is powerful. She is driven. She has all right reasons, but is going about them in all the wrong ways. She certainly isn’t about to let anyone’s adorable ideas about morality keep her from taking what she wants, or doing what she believes the world needs.

Turns out I have a real weakness for bad girls, too.

Thanks Jenn, it’s so nice to have you here.

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