RESCUE ME by Jaci Burton The [Not-So] Jolly Rancher (Audiobook)

Rescue Me

Rescue Me coverby Jaci Burton
New eBook Edition
Print Length: 260 pages
Publisher: Jaci Burton (February 6, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Jaci Burton Publishing
ISBN-10: 147560386X
Audio Book Edition: Tantor Audio
Narrated by Mackenzie Cartwright, Released June 4, 2014 Running Time: 8:45

Previously Published: March 7, 2006 Samhain Publishing

Mp3CD provided by publisher for review purposes. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Sabrina Daniels is looking for a new life after a bitter divorce from a controlling husband. She finds the answer to her dreams of the future in Kyle Morgan, who’s looking for an investor in his Rocking M Ranch in Dreamwater, Oklahoma. It’s a fresh start for Sabrina, and she’s always wanted to own a ranch.

Kyle’s ranch is in trouble, but Sabrina is even more trouble, and he wants nothing to do with a woman who knows nothing about ranching. But Sabrina has the money, and she’s a reluctant solution to his financial problems.

Working side by side, Kyle and Sabrina find surprising common ground, and a sizzling chemistry neither can deny. They both have hearts in need of rescue, and love is the sweetest savior.

My Take!This is the second Jaci Burton audio book I have listened to recently.  I enjoyed the storyline, and the determination of a browbeaten beauty to reclaim her life after marriage to an asshat.  Good for her, she had a miserable childhood, obeying her mother and being sheltered in someways and exposed in others. She marries a controlling man whose only saving grace was that he let her go to college.  But he was a nasty, hateful man. When you hear how nasty and evil he was you will think she should have gotten all his money and not just the large settlement she did get.

She has had the dream of owning a ranch although she has no experience with them. She had never even been up close to a horse. She has the money to do it so she finds a ranch that needs investors and she’ll invest short term if they will teach her how to be a rancher.

Here’s the problem, after  their initial meeting and first evening in the family meal where he is an asshat, he calms down and  long as Sabrina does everything Kyle thinks is okay and nothing he doesn’t he’s pleasant moving on to hot to trot. But this is a man with a temper, quick to anger, chips all over his shoulders, huge ego, idiotic machismo. Sabrina is amazed she doesn’t feel physically threatened by him when he is angry.

I really enjoyed Sabrina changing from this sheltered girl whose husband just wanted her to stay still during sex, to a sexually fulfilled woman. And, speaking of heat, while it takes a while to get to skin on skin, the heat starts right away.

I have a problem with her being with him, he is not physically violent but he is an emotional jackass and I think a bully.  I would not have her end up with a man with his issues until he got some help or took something.  I have known of too many women where the guy ‘gets all nice’ temporarily, until something sets him off and he becomes a jerk again.  Love will not change him like that. It may help him decide to get help but he needs anger management classes.

On the other hand, it is  an idyllic ranch; she names all the horses, and feels bad for the calves being castrated. She is resolute in her wish to make her dream a reality.   When they get together it is hot. I would just say that for a woman who had been treated poorly this is more of the same and I just didn’t see them being together as a good idea or realistic. The family is sweet, I loved the feel of the sibling arguments and then affection. If she had gone after the younger brother I would have felt better about it because he is easy going.  But for an emotionally abused woman this felt like more of the same. Some of the ranch events seem a little too much, their execution is naive. I’ve planned a lot of events and nothing as complex as this and it’s just written as happening too easily.

The narration was great.  Easily understood, a pleasant timbre, good voices. It may have been the voicing of Kyle’s part of dialogue that made me feel he had problems and that I wouldn’t wish him on any woman.  There may be a lot more to talk about, but this is what really stuck out to me.

What do you think, is missing a woman going to change a man from a hot head to a nicer man?

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As always, as long as it is relevant, meaningful and polite say what you like but here are a couple of ideas (use one or all, as you wish):

Sabrina has a bunch of money to start her new life. If you had the same kind of cushion what dream would you pursue.
Do you go to or participate in rodeos?
What about it,  will love change an angry man into a pussycat?


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