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Cropped screenshot of Lauren Bacall from the t...Robin Williams USS Enterprise3

Not to do with blogging, except, of course, how much the “topic” trended, was the death of Robin Williams due to depression and bipolar disorder. I can never express how much his work as a comedian and actor meant to me personally.  And, culturally he has entered our lexicon of words and phrases, starting with his very first “nanu nanu.” His comedy was peerless due to his willingness to say or do anything, to take chances, and if that failed he moved on. His drama was the other side, although he was no less willing there to take chances. I think of his work in THE FISHER KING as remarkable.

A young woman I know said she never thought she would cry for a celebrity, but she did cry for him.  Was he a celebrity? I think of celebrities as persons famous for looks or outlandish behavior wrought with little or no talent. The Kardasians are celebrities. Robin Williams was an artist whose entire being was his canvas. I don’t believe he sought the spotlight, the spotlight sought him.

In his honor, let us all treat mental illness not a flaw of character or morality, but as a real, medical illness. It is frightening in its unpredictability but it is no less serious than cancer or heart disease.  We need to make treatments available and mainstream and though we have made great strides in recognizing an destigmatizing mental illness, but we can do more.

The loss of Lauren Bacall was sad, but the natural result of a long and full life.With both notable deaths last week the world has lost two enormous talents. I am sad.

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I made one little infographic to show what I thought of the way some jock characters are voiced by women: Narrated Male Characters

My mom is visiting and that has me a little busier than usual.  I am read up but have a bunch of reviews to write.  I will begin a new feature on Saturday, Redux, where I reprise a post or review from FW&FD or my Winged Effigy blog.  I think my style has changed a lot so I hope this will be  interesting to you. Please let me know what you think.

NEXT TUESDAY, The 19th I will have a review of Laura Kaye’s new novella, HARD TO HOLD ONTO,MONDAY is MISUNDERSTANDINGS , Wednesday I will have at least OUTLANDER and TRUE BLOOD Review and Recaps,  Thursday is THE OPPOSITE OF MAYBE,  Friday a review of an audiobook, LORD OF VENGEANCE by Lara Adrian writing as Tina St. John and Saturday, who knows? I finished listening to one Audiobook last week, but I am horribly behind in reading.

QUESTION MARKLast, but not least, what was the last thing you read of in a book they stumped you? Historical Footwear, Why do pants come in pairs?   I want to know. Were you curious? Well, if you were I bet others were too. I would love to feature a question and research the answer or explanation. Do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact or features question forms.