Sunday Post: Getting Ready for School

Kimba The Sunday PostThis meme is hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Thanks Kimba for hosting this fun meme that gives me a chance to look back and see what I did. Plus, I like sharing what I have been doing otherwise.

This week will be a very visual week for me as I am going to a painting workshop.  When we built our house we built two purely functional spaces in: an office and a painting studio.  I used to paint every day, even realizing the limitations of my abilities. But, after a while blogging it took up every spare corner in my life and bit by bit I painted less and less.

I have missed it, and always found classes to be a good way to get to the work of painting.  I am hoping to listen to audio books while I paint. I used to have the TV on in the background to distract my critical mind and free up my creativity. Now, I hope books fill that void.

I seem to have come down with strep throat, now, so all of the class thing is up in the air.

So since it’s a visual time for me let’s start with my visuals for the week!


I create a new icon when a descriptive word or phrase keeps popping up in my mind in regards to a book. Then I scour wikimedia, or other graphics site, like fotolia for “iconic” images. Sometimes I have to do something to an image and other times it just plops right in. Oddly, the one that took the most work this week was “Snarly” which is a stylized Photoshop drawing based on the features of Groucho Marx. I downloaded a new gallery plug in that seems to have retroactively screwed up all my galleries so I have my work cut out for me to go fix them all. Do you like tiled as they are today or straight across?

My Headers (other than today and last Thursday’s Reading Roundup) were all composited by me from covers or posters  (fair use) and public domain or purchased art.

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TUESDAY: We Chicagoland Fangirls celebrated the upcoming release of Chloe Neill’s BLOOD GAMES with a review, mini interview, and giveaways! You can enter the giveaway on this site through today and Chloe’s tourwide giveaway is also linked.

WEDNESDAY: was weird because I actually  looked at 2 TV shows and a Movie (TRUE BLOOD, MASTERS OF SEX and THE WOLVERINE).

THURSDAY: was my Monthly Reading Roundup.

FRIDAY: I reviewed an audiobook version of RESCUE ME by Jaci Burton and started a new GIVEAWAY of TWO Jaci Burton Audiobooks.

SATURDAY: is a review of SILVERSKIN by D.L.McDermott.

I am so excited about the advanced viewing of OUTLANDER on STARZ that I am fairly vibrating.


Calendar in a Crystal BallLooking into my crystal ball for next week I see

MONDAY: A Pocket Star-E Night of JUMPED by Colette Auclair.  WITH E-Copy Giveaways!
TUESDAY: A book tour stops in with a guestpost from CORA CADE on TWO IN THE AFTERNOON! With a fab tourwide Giveaway!

Two in the Afternoon Banner TOUR 851 x 315


WEDNESDAY: TRUE BLOOD, MASTERS OF SEX, and, if all goes well, an early review of OUTLANDER
THURSDAY: Review SECRETS OF A SCOUNDREL by Galen Foley or a Guest Blog
FRIDAY/SATURDAY Audio Book Review of LUCKY US with Giveaway of the CD’s/My Next Read
NEXT Sunday, I might show some paintings (or not) .