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STARZ  Season 1 Episode 2 Airdate 16 August, 2014

You are probably aware that with just one episode aired, OUTLANDER was renewed for a second season!  That must be a direct response to the OUTLANDER fan community’s loyalty.

Saturday we had episode two.  I must confess that it has been nearly twenty years since I read the book;  my memory of the plot may be flawed. I snag my husband’s kindle to check it out when I have a question. I am happy to see part two of the book is called CASTLE LEOCH and many of the lines are word for word from the book. The few minor differences may have more to do with flow and the difference between written and visual media.

For example, in the book, I couldn’t find mention of the traveling peddler with whom Collum MacKenzie first suggests Claire may be able to return to Inverness.  And, in the book sparks between Jamie and Claire are already flying when she tends his shoulder after arriving at Castle Leoch, but they are still dancing politely around each other in the show.

So, where we’ve all been waiting lo these twenty years to see the heat between Jamie and Claire the program is allowing time for her to come to grips with her situation and be labeled something or other by someone (Mrs. Fitz).

I did not recall Geillis being brought forward this early in the story, but, there she is, on page 105 almost exactly as  in the program.

Since we all want the relationship that fuels the series to get going, it is interesting to see that here, and in the book, there is actually more time than I remember before Jamie and Claire get married. I think it is about making Frank a sympathetic character because here we are going to be experiencing the same actor playing Black Jack Randall.  It is one thing to see him thus in the pages of the book and another for him to appear thus in the flesh, on screen. I can’t remember feeling all that much sympathy for Frank ever, but it did not seem like he and Claire had been really connecting before the stones. But in television Claire moving on too easily from Frank, and going in to Jamie’s arms would make Claire a little too cold and less sympathetic as well.
But Gah! It’s a bit like waiting for Eric and Sookie to hook up.

Quick recap of the episode: The party from Castle Leoch that found Claire near Inverness returns to the Castle where Claire is given more appropriate clothing and some tasks around the place by the chatelaine of the castle, Mrs. Fitzgibbons.
She talks a bit with Jamie about his past both when she tends his arm after arriving and checking it in the stables.
She meets Collum, the chief of the clan MacKenzie and recognizes Toulouse Lautrec syndrome. Claire discovers the date is 1743 in her audience with Collum.  She tells him she needs to get back to Inverness and it is suggested that she go back with a traveler the coming Sunday. She also figures out that Hamish, Collum’s son, is actually the iological sone of Dougal, Collums’s brother.
While out collecting medicinal herbs, she meets Geillis Duncan the wife oft he Procurator Fiscal in Crainsmuir. Geillis seems pleasant enough and they go to the big clan gathering together.
Jamie takes a punishment intended for Laoghaire, Mrs. FitzGibbon’s grand-daughter.
Dougal has Claire followed around the Castle and grounds and declares she has secrets and he suspects her of being a spy. He is surprised to hear she is traveling back to Inverness.
Collum shows the stillroom, the medical room she had found with Frank when they wandered about the castle. He tells her what it was used for and that she will now be the castle healer until he sees fit otherwise.

I have seen a few people say the episodes are too short and the weeks are too long.  Can you wait until next week?



HBO Episode 79, Airdate 17 August, 2014

This is the penultimate episode of the iconic series  Yes, yes it was iconic before it jumped the shark by going all crazy on us.

So far, only Tara and Alcide have died of the major characters who were not already dead before the beginning of this season.   Support characters who have passed this season include the deputy sheriff Kevin, Maxine Fortenberry, and a bunch of dumb villagers who may as well have been storming the castle with pitchforks.  There! Iconic villagers who reminded me of the mob from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.

Here’s what went down:

Despite protestations and anger all around, Bill refuses to drink Sarah’s blood and be cured.  He says he has accepted his fate. An outraged Sookie and Jessica say he is making a choice  and that Sara is his destiny.  Jessica insists he release her and he does.  Pam comforts Jessica while telling her that if she cries on her jacket she’s paying for it. Eric comforts Sookie.

Jessica and Sookie drive off in Alcide’s truck. They go to Sam’s which they discover is empty. In a letter he left for SOokie, he tells her he and Nicole are moving to Chicago. He also left a note for Andy which Sookie delivers to him inside Bellefleur’s. It merely says he resigns. Arlene and the staff are setting up the restaurant for  dinner because no one else is coming by.

Back out in the bar James and Jessica apologize to each other and she wishes him happy with LaFayette. Leaving she asks him to make sure Sookie gets home safely.

Hoyt and Bridget are at his mother’s house.  He is watching TV and she has done the dishes. They argue about his past in the town and what he had done all day. He tells her about dropping the blood off for Jessica’s maker but that he doesn;t know her.

Jess shows up needing to talk to him and Bridget gives him an ultimatum that if he goes out to talk to Jessica they are through.  He goes out to talk to Jessica.  Bridget calls Jason and he comes over to try to set things right.

Sookie and all are at Bellefleur’s for a staff-family meal.  Sookie is sitting alone, not eating, so Arlene goes to talk with her and Sookie tells her about Bill, they discuss how to start over and carry on.

Eric goes to Bill’s to tell him that he should take the cure.  Bill tells him about his dream that he and Sookie had a baby and it was a black void, death.  They can only give her darkness. Eric understands his reasoning and is convinced by Bill to talk to Sookie for him and ask if he can call on her that night.

Hoyt knocks him out. Jessica relates the story of their relationship to Hoyt while Bridget drives off with a concussed Jason. He tells her they will not be having sex. She says why would he think she wanted that, she just broke up with Hoyt.

At Fangtasia the Yakuza drag Sarah out of the basement so Pam can bleach her hair.

At Jason’s Bridget is trying to get a better priced airfare so she can go back to Alaska.  Jason sweet talks the woman on the phone into doing a better fare.
He goes out to sleep in his living room on the recliner.  He has a bag of frozen peas he ends up putting on his cock which is interested in Bridget.

Back with Hoyt and JEssica, she tells him she was immature before and stupid.  She heals his hand where he punched Jason.

Pam is doing Sarah’s hair.  SHe removes her gag warning Sarah about talking about what had happened in the basement.  Pam tells her that they will be selling her to the highest bidder and that she is nothing but a hooker, a highly paid trollop.

Jason wakes up with Bridget standing in living room, hungry.  He and she share all he has, beer. He explains about Hoyt and Jessica and how he was a bad guy for breaking them up because, as Hoyt told him, he had something missing.  Bridget takes him to bed to show him how not to have sex with someone.

James is seeing Sookie out of Bellefleur’s where he  and Lafayette will drive him home.  Eric is waiting to speak with her.  They leave and she and Eric talk. He talks with her about Bill’s reasoning getting her to agree to his call. He flies her home.

Jason and Bridget lie in bed talking about things they never told anyone.  Jason confesses he likes pink. Also that he wants children and that he is worried about if he had a daughter and she dated someone like him.  Bridget says she would be a lucky girl and that Jason is a good guy.

Eric drops SOokie off and refuses her invitation inside.  He says her phone is ringing and she should answer it. He leaves. She goes in and agrees that Bill can come over.  He stops at the cemetery to look as his own headstone and that of his wife and daughter.

Eric goes into Fangtasia where Ginger berates him for not telling her he is okay now. He apologizes and seems frustrated by his feelings for Sookie so he says he will fuck her.  He asks about her fantasy — where she imgined doing it.  SHe says the throne so they go there and she straddles him.  He rips her panties off and she takes him for three strokes, comes, falls off him and goes to sleep. He leaves.
He looks all over for Pamand finds her in the basement being held captive with a stake over her heart. The stake is being held up by three ropes which Mr. Guy has cut one by one. He wants the truth from Eric and through Eric who caves to save Pam, learns Sookie knows about New Blood and Sarah. He asks where Sookie lives.

Cutting to Bill coming up to Sookie’s door.  SHe is in the Living room looking nervous.  It LOOKS like she is talking to someone.  Bill opens the screen door and knocks.

End of episode.

QUESTION MARKWhat do you think will happen in next week’s FINAL episode?






Showtime, Season 2, Episode 6, Airdate 17 August, 2014

After Hendricks bans Masters from using black participants in his study, Masters contacts a journalist to promote his efforts, using the debunking of sexual stereotypes as the lure. Johnson is forced to accept DePaul’s choice to end her chemotherapy treatments. Gene uncovers the truth about Betty and Helen’s relationship. Libby fires Coral after discovering she lied about Robert.

The show opens with Bill and Virginia having sex in the hotel. He says he could kiss her and she says they do not do that.

Lillian, Dr. DePaul, is getting radiation therapy but doesnt find the doctor cares at all about her. After, Virginia is trying to get a morning slot.  The receptionist/nurse is bitchy.
The other nurse, who is losing weight on the pills Virginia sold her, does find her a morning slot.

In the hospital, Virginia is talking with a black staff member and learns that Dr. Hendricks has forbidden the staff from participating.
Virginia and Bill discuss it with Dr. Hendricks then Bill folllows him into the men’s room. Dr. Hendricks thought they would be bringing their own subjects in, white subjects. And now, a reporter is asking around.

Betty and Gene are at home. They are planning a party with a snooty and condescending chef.  He tells her he doesn’t want to adopt; that she is enough.

Libby is folding clothes and watching Robert pick Coral up. She is talking with Bill about the study and Dr. Hendricks.  And Bill realizes she is obsessed. He tells her either she must change the situation or he will.

In the hospital, a black woman is witing in the waiting area reserved for Doctor Masters patients. She turns out to be the reporter for the local “Negro” newspaper.

Betty in bed having an orgasm. She is with Helen who wants her to stay. Betty says she can stay a few more minutes but Helen says she gets back to work anyway. Betty says they can see each other a lot, but Helen doesn’t want to be herpiece o the side.  Why does Betty get to be married?

Virginia and Bill are discussing the study with the reporter. They explain about the study and how the findings would be reported as data and would possibly help dispel stereotypes.

Dr DePaul back in the treatment learns what will happen with her body since the radiation will only slow, not stop the cancer. It is not a pretty picture. She leaves the appointment telling Virginia she is done. virginia tries to convince her to fight. She doesn’t want to use the time she has left fighting. And, instead of accepting a ride from Virginia takes a bcab home.

Betty and Gene are entertaining Helen and Al (Gene fixed them up) who stopped in spontaneously. Al announces that Helen has suggested they elope and they plan to. Betty is outraged, realizing Helen’s tactics and when they kiss she rails at them and then says she has a headache.

Virginia and bill are sitting oaginst the headboard, dressed, in the hotel. She is upset about Dr. DePaul. Doesn’t know how she became friends with her; how Lillian got past her emotional barriers. She cries that Lillian was her friend, she “knows” her.  Bill lifts her chin to look at him and says he “knows” her. He kisses her and then she him. But then they pull away from each other.

Libby is observing Robert dropping Coral off and when she gets in tells her that she knows he hasa  record and that someone else will have to trasport her to her work. She says she will get her aunt.

Betty and Gene are in the kitchen. She is a little hung over. Gene thinks Betty has a thing for Al and she says no. Betty goes on that their display was vulgar, and she no longer wants to see either of them at all.

The reporter is with Dr. Masters and brings up his childhood experiences with being sick as a kid as why he entered medicine. He disputes it, and says that  as an ob-gyn can bring new life into the world. She says he is like Prometheus – making man of clay. Also starts asking about his issues with violence at other hospitals. He doesn’t want that in the story – she says he doesn;t have a say.

Gene tells Al they can’t see each other anymore because Betty doesn’t like him. Al is surprised because he saw Helen and Betty kiss on the lips. Gene is visibly upset.

Virginia stops to see if there are any errands she can do for Lillian. Lillian has some letters. She wants Virginia to deliver one to her family in person, it’s instructions that she wants to leave her bdy to science like the brave souls whose cadavers taught her so much.

Coral puts Baby Jon in the swing and says goodnight, that her aunt is waiting.  Libby follows her and sees it is Robert picking her up.

Bill tries to get the newspaper editor not to print the story. Lies saying their findings show some of the stereotypes are true. The editor knows he is lying. Bill says the public will believe him because of his reputation.

Betty starts down the stairs to go into a the party with Gene. She asks him to go up for a quickie. He tells her he knows about Helen and that she doesn’t love him.

Virginia and Lillian are drinking a bottle of wine and talking about her  childhood as a tall and gangly, freckled teen at cotillion. She says she had a few boyfriends but no one stuck. Lillian tells Virginia that Bill loves her and that it is everything.

Virginia puts Lillian to bed, and says she gets her kids to fall asleep by drawing in their foreheads.  Lillian says she can just conect the dots. Virginia calls them constellations and discusses Atlanta who knew who she was and that is why her star burned so brightly.

Virginia kisses Lillian goodnight and that she will see her in the morning.

Libby follows Coral home and with the baby follows her into the apartment building very nervously. She scrapes her leg. In the lobby she looks at the mail to see which is her apartment. Robert comes out and asks what she is doing accusingly. Libby says she was trying to find Coral. Robert reveals that Coral has been lying and that he is her brother, not her boyfriend. He notes that her leg is bleeding and wipes it with his handkerchief. She tells him to stop, and pulls out some money and tells him to give it to Coral as her severance – she is fired. She cries as she goes back to her car and drives home.

Lillian is sitting up in her bed, sadly looking out the window.

Libby is home on the couch smoking and looking at the scrape on her leg.

Virginia goes back to get  the letter to Lillian’s parents. She hears Lillian gasping and goes to her room seeing she has taking sleeping pills. She begins to call the ambulance but then realizes this is what Lillian wants and crumples to the floor.

Bill in his dark office is telling Dr. Hendricks he had never misrepresented his work. He can;t work in a hospital anymore.  Dr. Hendricks says he needs to cut the cord. Bill says it is like dying. Hendricks agrees bit says they will see if he has the courage to start over. he tells Bill he wants him cleared out by morning.

He goes to Virginia’s where the door is opened by a man who says he is her beau and they met at the hotel at the end of the fight that was on TV. Bill says he is a colleague and leaves no message. He wants quickly back to his car, hyperventilating.

Virginia embraces Lillian as she unconsciously gasps for breath.

At home, Libby is in the bedroom and Bill walks in. She asks what is wrong and he says he doesn’t feel well. He comes in and takes her hand. As they pan out from the bedroom we see the baby is in the wind up swing happily ticking back and forth.

My mother and I were discussing how strangely this season is moving along. As if they are making attempts at things working. Obviously they are closing out all extraneous story lines and Bill is going to have to reinvent himself.