Going to the Chapel &,… Outlander: THE WEDDING!


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I was here today: Ellis island Immigration Museum hall,  (Photo credit: WikipediaO)


Episode 107 Airdate 9/20/2014
Book to TV estimate:  Adherence to book in spirit 90%,  but only 75% in exact replication because it is produced out of order — in a mix of  at-the-moment and flashbacks.


So, if you read my blog this weekend you know I missed the original broadcast because I was at a lovely restaurant in NYC with my husband.  It was an interesting weekend in Manhattan, with a major UN conference beginning our hotel filled up with diplomats and security. Then the Climate Walk happened and closed off all the streets near our hotel.

We escaped, we thought, to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I found my grandparents names on the name wall that was a restoration fundraiser at Ellis Island.

But, from the 1890s through 1924 millions of immigrants had to find their way through the maze of tests and checks they required.  Many did not speak English. Parents could be taken from children and children from their parents.  Barbaric.

Anyway, there was a lot in the exhibits about early Scottish immigrants to the Carolinas. Hmmm, I wonder who that made me think of.

Which brings me back to the big OUTLANDER WEDDING Saturday night.

Opening:  An interesting part of the show has been the secondary opening sequence for each episode.  This one is of a cat eating the leftovers off dirty plates for Claire and Jamie’s wedding feast.

Then we start in the 1940s with Frank and Claire going down the street to meet his parents. They pass a wedding at the registry office and Frank convinces her to marry him at that very moment.  It’s hard as the story progresses to think of the nice man, Frank, as nice and not as Capt./ Jack Randall.

Then we segue to Jamie and Claire kissing as the priest tells Jamie he may kiss his bride; there’s applause from the small wedding party. Jamie and Clair come apart both a bit stunned by the kiss.

Aside: You forget your life after a while. The life you had before — things you cherish and hold dear are like pearls on a string. Cut the knot; they scatter across the floor (visual Claire before a mirror in a roomat the inn as she prepares for Jamie. And then back to Frank and Claire running as the hold each other, into the registry) rolling into dark corners, never to be found again. So you move on and eventually you forget what the pearls even looked like. At least you try.

Jamie comes in as Claire nervously and does something fiddly with her hands.

She says the wedding party is still going strong – will they go to bed anytime soon?  He says not until they know they made things official – ie. consummation.
She says she should be grateful they don’t want to watch.  He says only Rupert and Angus…. but then tells a blanching Claire it was a joke.

She acts pissed and says he is a regular “Bob Hope.” Of course, Jamie has no idea who that is. She suggests a drink and they have several glasses; with her downing what seems to be several wineglasses full in short order. He toasts to a lady of grace, a woman of strength and a bride of astonishing beauty. My Wife, Claire Frazer.
He tells her she needn’t be afraid of him She tells him she has questions and he says he supposes he does and nervously she asks why did he agree to marry her.

She said Dougal didn’t give her much choice and he says he didn’t feel ha had much choice either.   We flash to a scene in the stables where Ned is explaining the situation to Murtagh, Jamie, and Dougal.
He tells them they are about to embark on a boat made entirely of paper. The letter of the law is the only thing keeping Claire out of Randall’s hands. He explains that to make it work they have to follow it to the letter with the marriage being consummated right away with witnesses who can swear to being in the building if not in the room itself. Jamie is concerned about whether Claire knows about all this, Dougal, not so much.
Murtagh says he thought Dougal didn’t hold with rape. Smiling D says it is not rape it is persuasion She is smart she will see the reasoon for it in the end. But they are not to make a secret arrangement to lie about it. He then says something lewd about there being worse things in life than hanging on to that pair of sweet….

Jamie admonishes D about speaking of Claire like a whore (Hu-ir) and he stomps out of the building, but D grabs him.
D: “If?!” he speaks well about Claire taking on Randall without complaint. What does he think would happen to her if she fell into his hands again?
Jamie’s noble chivalric sense doesn’t allow him to ignore the danger to Claire, and he decides with a no.
Back to C and J’s room. “So you married me to keep me safe?” Claire asks He nods and responds Aye, that’s the gist of it.

They stare at each other across this bedroom with thick air; lit by the last rays of the sun. He tells her she has is name, his clan, his family and if necessary, the protection of my body as well.   Claire swallows and goes over to the bed and sits beside him, taking his hand. He leans in to kiss her and just before their lips meet, she says, tell me about your family. He laughs, but obliges. How many generations back, he asks her, Your parents will do. They giggle companionably. And he tells her the story of his family ties. The room darkens and Claire lights Candles.

Aside: It was a distraction to be sure but a welcome one for both of us. He told me his family history and I responded in kind and we each spent the next several hours drinking and talking and generally getting to know our new spouses for the first time. As Jamie talks about how his parents married (looong story) the aside continues. He was charming, a born storyteller like most Scots. As the hours passed, I began to relax, and eventually to enjoy myself . He falls on the bed as Rupert and Angus break in,
They say D sent them up to see if they were done. He kicks them out. And J and C giggle again 0 the ease that had developed not broken by the intrusion. She says something about them being related to him. He says Rupert only, and he is a distant cousin.
Awkward. It’s getting late she says. Perhaps they should go to bed.
He asks, To Bed? Or to Sleep? She gives him a come hither look.
He helps her up and in undressing sensually removing the skirts and other assorted bits and bobs. He removes a sheer ribbon around her neck and then starts on the corset. Suddenly no one is laughing. He touches her breast. She tells him it is her turn and getting him belt off kisses her passionately.
C: Where did you learn to kiss like that?
J: I said I was a virgin, not a monk, If I need guidance, I’ll ask for it,

He turns her around and lifts her skirt up to show her bottom. Lots of heavy breathing, bit she turns around. They fall on the bed and he enters her without ceremony. She stops him from crushing her.

I couldn’t tell, but I think they both come and he rolls off and lies next to her. They smile.
She asks if it was like he thought.
J: Almost, I thought, nah, never mind,
C: What, tell me,… she promises she won’t laugh.

J: Didn’t realize you do it face to face, I thougth you did it the back way like horses.
She laughs.
He asks her if she liked it. She drops her eyes and her smile falters.
J: Oh, he says, Murtagh was right about that then.
All the men told him women generally don’t care for it. He got a lot of advice on the subject last night.
He sits up and she follows. I did like it, Jamie, she tells him as she rises.
He smiles a bit.
Aside: There it was, not only was I a bigamist and an adulterer, but I’d enjoyed it. Claire is upset with her own enjoyment and starts out of the room for some food. She rushes out to jeers, cheers, catcalls, and lewd insults on Jamie’s manhood.

He tells her to go back in – until they have their fun they won’t leave him alone. Jamie goes to get her some food. J tells the men they can go to bed, the show’s over. Dougal is sitting morosely and tells J that he doesn’t seem to have properly thanked him for finding him somewhere better to stick his cock than the fillies in the stable. Jamie thanks him and starts to go up but Dougal makes him sit telling him he doesn’t want to appear to keen to return to his, (wait for it) his, Bride.

Back with Claire, he tells her what Dougal said, and she is surprised he would say something like that.
J: You never want a woman to think you’re too eager to please her; giver her too much power.
Claire scoffs and he says he told D he was completely under her power and happy to be there.
He has a charming smile, and he’d be charming the panties off Claire if she wore any.

They sit, eating companionably and she asks if there’s more whiskey (which must not have been so strong as it is today or she’d have been dead after her third large glassful). He says there’s always more and brings her some. He goes to stroke the back of her neck as she thanks him and she flinches away. He goes a few feet away and he says she is sorry and shares a smile with him so he goes back and they have the whole mo duine convo, (it sounds more like he says Moan Ian Dunne) and it means, my brown haired lass. her hair is a gorgeous brown, she says oh, it’s dull. He says it is not dull at all, compares it to other stuff. To distract him from the touching she asks about the kilt and then he tells her how he got it from Murtagh. Murtagh is worried about the redcoats seeing him and recognizing him because her has the Fraser colors. Murtagh told him a story about his mother and her sweet smile. He says that Claire has a smile like that. Murtagh has to get the kilt back to the woman he borrowed it from.
Claire is surprised that Murtagh said that. Still Waters run deep ya ken, Jaime tells her.
Claire says she is surprised that Dougal waited enough to get the kilt.

Jamie says he was, but that he, Jamie, said who would marry her only under certain conditions:
three conditions. Flashes back to the day before with Dougal, Murtagh and Ned out by the stables.

  1. Must be wed properly. In a church. By a priest:
    Dougal and another member of their party rouse a sick priest with a rough kirk that looks more like a stable than a church. The priest refuses and Dougal’s aide de camp and the priest engage in a biblical duel over marrying without the banns. Finally Dougal just agrees to make the church warmer by installing windows – AND he thinks getting a contractor out on short notice will take less time!
    Back to Jamie and Claire in the room the wee man barely skipped a beat asking what time he would like the ceremony to begin. Church and money, Claire tells him, some things don’t change. She gives him some bit of food but he puts it down and with a pleasant growl kisses her wrist.
  2. She asks what his next condition was.
    Flash to Rupert and Angus getting a smith to make a wedding ring. For some reason, Jamie wants it made out of a key he has. Keeping the blade and the bow. The smith says he’ll do it next week but with enough money they convince him to do it.
    We don’t know the significance of the key but back in their room she asks, “The key to what?” He says it was just something he had in his sporran and he walks to the other side of the room.
  3. “What was your third condition?” she asked.
    Jamie says he left it to Ned and we go to a brothel with quite a lot of prostitutes. Ned is trying to buy a dress. They happen to have one a customer used in payment for services. It’s a lovely gown but it will cost him a shilling. Ned pays with a noisy purse and the madame silently tells one of the girls to “entertain him.” She pulls a giggling Ned upstairs. It’s quite funny really. Although for a small town this is a pretty large whore house with at least five prostitutes.

Back in their room, Claire says, Now you’re making stuff up. Jamie asserts that he told it exactly as Ned told the story. The strumpet was at the wedding.

I can't Marry you
Screenshots of Outlander on Starz,


Screenshots of Outlander on Starz,

Back in their room Jamie asks Claire what she was doing. She picks up the whiskey, a bit tipsy and giggling, puts it in front of her face. Flash to her being dragged out of bed to be prepped for the wedding.

He is dismayed she doesn’t remember her own wedding, she says she does though with a monstrous hangover..
Then he says he remembers every moment, every second. And in particular the moment he came out of the church and saw her for the first time – it was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day and suddenly the sun came out.

Flash to Claire being uncloaked at the churchyard, as Jamie comes out. Murtagh’s smailing all the way to his eyes, and even Dougal seems to approve. He is all kilted up in full regalia, and goes to her and says, “ Your servant madame.”

Now she says she can’t marry him, she doesn’t even know his name.
It’s Fraser, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.
Claire, Elizabeth Beauchamp, she replies and holds her hand out to shake.

He takes her and turns it over in his. Dougal breaks in with “Well if you two are quite finished, let’s get on with it.”

Back in the room at the Inn, Claire smiles and Jamie says, “You don’t remember any of this?” As we flash back to Claire looking quite ill, with Jamie, going into the church, she says, Not all of it, but some things are quite clear. Like, I have this other wedding ring on you guys, I better take it off before the priest realizes I am already married! And that is what she does, dropping it down between her breasts.

Flash back to the ceremony: I, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser take thee, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, to be my wedded wife, from this day forth, for better, for worse, in sickness and health, till death us do part. Then Claire, who seems she could chuck up that bottle of whiskey throughout the whole thing, back. They do the ing and the priest blesses the ring, and Jamie puts it on her hand, Then Dougal comes forward and cuts them and does the handfasting.
The Handfasting in Gaelic and in a voice over from Claire’s question as to the meaning of the words, Jamie translates: You are bis done lood of my blood, and bone of my bone. I give you my body, that we two may be one, I give my spirit, till our life shall be done.

Back to the church they are given leave to kiss and it is electric, both smiled.

In their room, Jamie says when you kissed me like that I thought maybe you weren’t so sorry to be marrying me after all.
Claire strokes his arm lightly. She smiles and goes across the room and then turning tells him to take off his shirt. He gets up and does so . She steps forward and walks around him, stroking his ass and nuzzling his shoulder, then she comes back around.
Jamie, very husky in the voice says,” Well then, fair is fair, take off yours as well.”  She does and he steps back to see her, Almost giving some full frontal.

She asks if he’s never seen a naked woman before?

“Aye.” he says, “But not one so close,” and growling out, “not one that’s mine.” Claire pulls his hand to her breast.
They kiss hungrily. And he pulls her up to wrap her legs around him. And walks her back to the bed. Where he sits with her still straddling him then flips her over and enters her while she cries out in pleasure, finally he thinks he has hurt her and he says he is sorry, but she says he didn’t. You’re sure. She rasps out yes in. He did not know a woman could have a climax and aks if it happens every time. She tells him no and only if the man is a very good lover.
Way to stroke the ego, Claire!

They flip over and he says he worried she is so small and he doesn’t want to hurt her. I think the “uncouple and she pins his arms above him telling him to lie still and, stroking other parts besides his ego, she bites her way down. I think he likes it. This is seriously hot and Jamie looks SO young here.

I am pretty sure she gives him a hummer here.

He says something in Gaelic that means he thought his heart was gonna burst, They lie next to each other and Jamie falls asleep for a bit. Claire gets up and looks in their jug for something to drink. It is empty and so wrapping herself in a plaid, Claire goes downstairs to scare up something. The opening sequence teaser is from this scene.. Claire picks up a earthenware pitcher of something and starts back up. She hears Dougal call, “Mrs. Fraser,” as he enters the inn. “You’re out late,” she tells him. He reports that he is just back from seeing Capt. Randall to tell him of their marriage. When she asks what he said, Dougal tells her there are likely limits to even her tolerance for foul language.
They agree he probably won’t take further steps having more important things to worry about than chasing one stray Sassenach, no matter how pretty and has better sense than to tick off Collum by coming after his nephew’s wife. Dougal steps forward and strokes her chin, telling her, “ I commend you for doing your duty, but it needn’t stop you from sampling other pleasures.” He caresses her shoulder too and says, “I find you to be the most singular woman Claire.
“She tells him, “I’m Jamie’s wife.” Rupert comes in as she starts away. They greet each other. As she goes up the stairs she thanks Rupert for his kindness towards her and tells him the ring is magnificent.
Rupert says she is welcome and congratulates her.
After she is gone Rupert says, “Young Jamie may not have much experience but that one looks well ridden.” Dougal punches him.
“What was that for?” He asks Dougal, who has picked up a bottle and started drinking it.
“Check the horses,” Dougal tells him.
“I’ve already done it.!” Rupert replies.
“Do it again,” Dougal tells him.

In their room, Claire stands against a post and watches the fire. Behind her, Jamie sleeps peacefully. He wakes up and sees her there. He goes to his things and removes something, bringing it over to Claire. It’s a long strand of pearls that he places over her head.   He tells her they are“Scotch” pearls. They belonged to his mother and now they belong to his wife. He tells her the pearls are one of the few things he has left of her. They are very precious to me, as is she. Shrugging the blanket down, She slides over to him and they kiss. He brings her up to straddle him and she does as he kisses her breasts. They move together slowly and she covers them both with the tartan that remained about her hips.

The next morning Jamie is dressing and tells Claire he will meet her downstairs – he is so hungry if he doesn’t eat soon he will take a bite out of her. She says she believes he’s already done that, and with a quick kiss he says he is looking forward to doing it again soon. Telling her not to be long, he leaves and she lazily rises, picks up her dress and her other ring, Frank’s ring rolls out and across the floor stopping in a crack . She picks it up, replacing it on her finger, and opens her hands to look at the two rings.