Speed Reading: How to Read Fast

I am often asked how I read as many books as I do. I don’t do speed reading or anything like that. I do think I perhaps read differently from most people — not in a linear way — I read sentences out of order, maybe. I don’t know that I have ever analyzed it.

But, my answer is that I read all the time. If I clean, paint, weed, drive, or do some other task that doesn’t require communicating with others I listen to an audio book. I even listen to audio books in the shower by putting my iphone in a solocup  to amplify the sound and protect the phone. If I am not working or writing, I have a book or my Kindle in hand. Always.

I have always been a fast reader but the speed at which I read comes at a price. I read obsessively and with rapt attention. It means I don’t do other stuff: shop, clean, engage socially or pay attention to my friends and family. I read to the exclusion of pretty much everything else besides exercise and making dinner.

But, lately, I have slowed down.

Slow sign

Slowed down how fast I am plowing through books — both written and audio. I have actually been reading one book and listening to another for a week now.

This was also an issue because we flew to NY for the weekend. Usually if I travel, I have hours of flying or driving and then, very often, my husband is at work and I have more time to read. But we flew to NYC in an hour and then we were on the go all weekend.

I have read a book every 1 1/2 days for nearly four years. I have produced new content almost every day for over four years.
It’s like always running a marathon.
Even if it is something you love, you can’t keep going forever.

It’s simply really hard to keep it up, it’s hard to make that a priority when it costs so much in time and money.

What’s more important? Reading and producing as much original content as I have, or enjoying reading and, life.

Maybe this is a slump and I’ll get back on track quickly. I hope so but, something needs to change in how I do my reading and writing about what I read.  Comparing my style today and my style a few years ago, I have to say that I think I prefer my older style. I would like to get my enthusiasm back.

I used to write more little bits like this. But, in an effort to establish my niche I left that off to do more and more book reviews, without promotional materials that you can see anywhere else.

QUESTION MARKWhat about you:
Do you read fast?
Do you read so you can analyze all the variables in a book, or purely for entertainment?
Do you use a speed reading method?
How many books do you read a month?